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A mash-up port designed to emulate a modern summer kimono. Meshes/textures borrowed and modified from Yurica and Caithe for a personal taste. Comes in 4 colors and a pair of geta sandals. Bodyslide Compatible.

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Ever wanted to wear a summer Kimono in the wasteland? Well, now here's your chance! This kimono is a modernized summer variant. Meaning that the length is shorter than the traditional Kimono and a bit more sexy. There are 4 color variants and a pair of Geta shoes to go along with this! The kimono takes up the body slot and you could wear leather armor pieces and stuff with it. The Geta shoes take up slot 54 of the character. If this bother you, then you can quickly change it in the creation kit. (If you are using the Pip-Pad mod and notice you can't equip the Geta, that is because the pip-pad is taking up slot 54 and you need to change that using that mod's holotape.) THIS MOD IS BODYSLIDE COMPATIBLE.

- Include more colors for the Kimono
- Include more colors for the Geta
- Fix clipping issues due to bone weights
- Include chemistry recipe for crafting

Install via NMM or just drag and drop the data folder into your own data folder......come on you guys get the idea at this point.

You can spawn in the kimonos by typing in "help kimono 4" OR you can craft all the items in the chemistry workbench under "Kimono Otfits". The chem recipe is brought to you by Optical1967. Thanks!

The original kimono is made by Yurica but I have taken the liberty to edit the meshes a bit to fit my taste for this outfit. The Geta sandals were also borrowed from Caith/Haishao but I had to mess around with the textures a bit because they were having trouble showing up in Skyrim. I received tremendous troubleshooting and bug fix support from KitKatKseniya. Please show her some love!

I also want to thank:

Caliente for BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Bethesda for Fallout 4 and their Creation Kit