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Massive overhaul of Diamond City. Plain and simple, it's the way it should be.

Permissions and credits
Hello to all and welcome!! This is Diamond City Glory Re-did. This is the overhaul of an overhaul and more. Bringing Diamond City to the shape everyone has always wanted it to be. This has been an epic journey bringing this amazing world to life even through nuclear waste and death. I wholeheartedly appreciate everyone for viewing and I truly hope you enjoy your stay in Diamond City.

  My intent for this mod is to replace vanilla Diamond City with a vibrant and more robust fortress within the depths of the wasteland. 


Replace any old DC Glory files with D.C. Glory Re-did v1.4 (All old files are obsolete!!!)
Use either a mod manager or extract the rar file to your data folder in Fallout 4 directory

There is a lot of exterior changes surrounding Diamond City. My recommendation for moving from the old version to this one, is to travel to an interior {somewhere that has nothing to do with DC}, and save your game inside. Next, exit to the menu to enable DCGlory Re-did. When you load the game back up, you should be able to fast travel or explore your way to Diamond City as you normally would in the game. 


(The official "She may be a little wonky" disclaimer) I have not worked much on the interiors, but I am currently working on them with more coming soon.


I have not changed the integrity of any core Diamond City files, so I believe most other mods that don't place items/structures will work with this. {Y'all will have to let me know}
Note: I went light on the decorating until there's a known stable platform for everyone.


I have optimized the interior of Diamond City heavily to boost performance and keep framerates 85% higher (loose calculation) than any of the previous DCGlory versions. There are 3 or 4 trouble spots (Staring at the front gate needs optimization still) that cannot be optimized any further yet, but the overall gameplay is stellar now. The more city you can see at once, the more your frames will drop (this is normal). I am not sure yet of the minimum requirements (I am interested to see how this plays for everyone).

-----This has been an enormous amount of work and sleepless nights to bring this to you. I'm a bit rusty so take it easy on me if there are any flaws :/. If there are any issues at all I will do my best to remedy them asap. Thank-you all for viewing, and good day.

-----XB1 Download----- https://mods.bethesda.net/en/fallout4/mod-detail/3998023