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Allows you to attach limb mods to the Marine Helmet. Uses the same loose mod attachments that the other marine armor limbs use.

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I was disappointed that I could put Ultra-Light on every single piece of marine armor except for the helmet. Running around with a helmet that was heavier than my chest piece is ridiculous. I looked around for a mod that'd let me do this, but I didn't find one (I didn't look very hard.)

After a number of failed attempts of trial and error in the GECK, I was successful in my endeavor.

With this plugin, you can attach any marine armor limb loose mod to the marine helmet (Should work with all variants, I tested in game with the recon helm from brooks.)

I didn't initially intend for pocketed and deep pocketed to be on the list, but I've decided to leave them in for now, in case anyone who might download this wants them.

Requires AWCKR, because I'm currently using that in my game. Can upload a no requirement (Except Far Harbor obviously) version if there is demand.

May try to see if I can't get the modification menu to look more orderly (Currently deep pocketed seems to be farther up the list than pocketed, which makes no sense.)