Fallout 4
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You can build your own Vertibird. The Vertibird has a Minutemen Pilot. Dogmeat and your Companion willl also ride your Vertibird.

Permissions and credits

You can build your own Vertibird and Helipad.
->Holotape with the Vertibird communication Software.
->The vertibird has cargo space.
->your companions will also ride the vertibird
->Private Vertibird will also work with the mod Everyone's Best Friend.
->choos a pilot (Minutemen, Railroad or Brotherhood).

Build a Helipad
->Starlight Drive In
->The Castle
->Sunshine Tidings
->Jamaica Plain
(more settlements if the system runs smoothly for everyone)

Private Vertibird as Fasttravling vehicle
->Choose your prefered destination on your map (choose fast travel).

Make your Vertibird unique.
->create a Folder: .\Textures\xgfPrivateVertibird.
->copy your preferred Mod Textures into this Folder

Private Vertibird Com. Software Main Menu

You are tired of the battle? Call your Vertibird.

Fly to your Helipad or send the Vertibird at Home

If you want, Destroy your enemies

Fly to special or custom Destination

set a custom destination

In Far Harbor at the moment you can only Fasttravling

sad but true .. there are still mod that destroy the worldspace

****** If your Vertibird flies through houses etc. ******
A few mods that tamper with the Commonwealth worldspace, removing data critical to the vertibird's pathfiding AI.

Try this Fix: Personal Vertibird Flight Altitude Fix

Gopher's video to this theme (start 4:38)

- destroy your private vertibird.
- (and also recommended) open the console and type: stopquest xgfvertibirdquest
- remove the mod files.

Update 2.20
- add new custom target Alpha
- add Pilot Dialogues

Update 2.10
- Charlie, Bravo, Tango are now Mapmarker
- fix Minigun Bug (so, I hope this time it is final)

Update 2.01
- complete english translation
- fix cell load function
- fix call vertibird (responds faster now)

Update 2.00
- build Helipad
- new Vertibird Com Software
- custom Targets
- Special Targes

Update 1.51
- Fix the "Fly to my position and land" function

Update 1.50
- after landing the pilot leaves the vertibird and guard him
- the pilot is essential
- you can choos a pilot (Minutemen, Railroad or Brotherhood)

Store your Vertibird in the Workshop and set it new, to choose a new pilot

Update 1.40
- Far Harbor Support added
- Fix a bug with the Machine Gun

****** Very Important for 1.4 ******
Store your Vertibird in the Workshop and set it new.

Far Harbor Support
- Is your Vertibird in the air and you travel to Far Harbor, the Vertibird will follow you immediately.
- Is your Vertibird on Ground and you travel to Far Harbor, you can call the Vertibird later. This takes a little bit longer.

Update 1.30
- cargo space added
- The vertibird now has its own texture directory. So you can make your Vertibird unique.

Important for 1.3:
Store your Vertibird in the Workshop and set it new.

Use Mod Textures:
1. create a Folder: .\Textures\xgfPrivateVertibird
2. copy your preferred Mod Textures into this Folder

Update 1.12
- remove combat after flying
- fix a bug when companion leaves the vertibird
- Française Version added
**** dont forgett, delete the loose test scripts ***

Update 1.11
- Fix a Bug (inadvertent changed vanilla object removed)

Update 1.1
- Private Vertibird Com Software added (Holotape)
(please store your Vertibird in the Workshop and set it new, to receive the Holotape)

Update 1.01
- Fix a Bug that the mod also add other vertibird to his vertibird ailas
- remove the player gun from vertibird inventory

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