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Just a simple face preset. Tried for an AfroAmerican the best I can.

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Jenny is just my go at a face preset file, meant for use with LooksMenu by expired6978
Be sure to download and install the version of F4SE appropriate for your game version. That is a requirement for LooksMenu.

She is all vanila. I do, however, recommend The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam for more natural eyes and 512 stadalone hair colors by Derpsdale for just a tad more variation.

Unpack the file and drop the contents - Jenny.json - in your preset folder. I don't know if NMM will install it automatically, thus manual download.

The preset folder is - on my computer- located at: C: steam/steamapps/common/Fallout4/Data/F4SE/Plugins/F4EE/Presets. It might be different on your computer but only as far as drive location goes.

On face creation you can choose Jenny - or any other preset - from a menu added by LooksMenu. Or you can - at any time- go into console and type "slm" -for ShowLooksMenu- and the ID of the character you want to change. E.g. "slm 14" for your player character or "slm 2f1f" in case you want Piper to look different.

To make things easier you will want to "tfc 1" to freeze the game and then zoom in on the character before you enter console again for the slm menu.

This file will not work on consoles as F4SE is a requirement. And it is NOT to be uploaded anywhere else but here.