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Adds a new fully functional settlement near Lake Cochituate. Use workbench, recruit settlers and create supply lines.

Permissions and credits
Cochituate Lakefront adds a new location marker at three pre-war cabins which previously were an unmarked location.
Use the workbench to create a new settlement which can recruit settlers and send and receive supply lines.
Great location: nice views, plenty of water, and is located in an area which normally has no nearby settlements.

As long as you have Scrap Everything, you can scrap everything in the area.
A small area in the north-eastern corner of the build area is unscrappable to keep the affected regions to a minimum.
An optional file has been added which allows for the settlement to be completely cleared out.  It clear cuts that portion of forest which was previously unclearable (about six small trees.)  It's been added as an optional file as it could be considered, if one were suitably iconoclastic, lore-breaking.  More options always please more people.

Update Log
Finalized the mod.

Removed an insignificant, but erroneous reference with FO4Edit.
Added the optional file.

Made about 170 new objects available for scrapping.

Fixed settlement border.
Removed a few superfluous edits using FO4edit.


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