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"She never seemed shattered; to me, she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battles she's won." - Matt Baker

My favorite wasteland hero come to FO4! She may be from clan Swaddle Dog, but I DARE you to tell her it's a stupid name to her face.

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I was looking for a looksmenu preset to go with my Furiosa AB preset when I came across the mod Legends_Saves and LooksMenu Presets by Gary62. It wasn't quite as gritty as I was looking for, but he did such a good job on the face shape and eyes (the hardest part of a preset) that I would have been stupid to not use it as the base for my own MINOR alterations to makeup and grime. 

This mod requires "lots more female hairstyle" by rbddc12 for the correct hair style to show. There are other options on the vanilla game you can set, but I thought this cut looked most like the movie.

To be clear, gary62 did the hard part here, endorse his mod if you like this mod. The original Furiosa plus many more are available on his page. Also, visit his mod for more amazing movie star likenesses.