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Changes and adds new stuff to the mod Wasteland Sniper by Hothtrooper44.

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I really like the Wasteland Sniper Armour, but I thought that there were several things that it could be improved upon. Here is my list of changes:

  • Better compatibility with Armorsmith Extended
-Adds Linings (to the suit, hood and mask).
-Adds Add-Ons (to the suit).
-Adds Head Add-Ons (To the hood).
-Adds the ability to add Ballistic Weave to it.
-You can now wear individual pieces of armor over the arms and legs.
-Better instance naming (Now all parts of the armor set will say "Braced", "Bolstered", etc. when modded in the workbench)

  •  Better object effects
-Instead of the random Charisma boost, each part now improves your sneakiness, and in the case of the suit, it also improves your carrying capacity (Because of all the pouches it has).
-The mask now grants a small poison resistance.
-The suit and hood grant you a bit of poison resistance instead of energy resistance.
-Armor rating decreased from 112 to 24 so it balances better with other armors.

  • Adds the ability to switch each camo in the workbench (No more re-crafting the armor whenever you want to switch the camo type)
-Just go to the armor workbench, and switch under the category "Sniper (Hood/Suit/Mask) Camo" and craft whichever you like.

  • Adds a new type of camo: Anchorage Camo
-It's craftable on the Armor workbench just as the other camos
-It's snow camouflage, dummy!
-Not on the Gunner Sniper LLs so it doesn't clash with the enviroment.
-Great for people that use winter mods like "FROST" or "Fallout 4 Seasons - Winter".

  • Adds a new type of Gunner: Gunner Snipers
- They wear exclusively the Wasteland Sniper armour sets, with all the different variations of camo.
-They use exclusively sniper weapons.
- They are the same rank as Gunner Liutenants, but look different (Beard, longer hair, tactical face paint). Should spawn at the same rate as the former.
-They have a 50/50 chance of spawning with a Wasteland Sniper Mask (That matchs the rest of their camo).
-May spawn with cool looking sunglasses.

  • Adds variations of the camos to the mask, so you can now match with your armor.
-No longer you have to use the default green mask that clashes with the Desert or Urban camos. Customize it as you want in the Armor Workbench.

  • Moves the crafting recipes to the Armorsmith Workbench.
-They can be found under "OUTFITS-GUNNERS".

  • Barney Rook wears Wasteland Sniper armor now.
-It really adds to the full crazed sniper look.

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) by valdacil, Gambit77, AndrewCX

Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77

Wasteland Sniper by Hothtrooper44

Install with NMM.
If installing manually, drop the contents of the file in your Data folder and overwrite when prompted.

Compatible with everything that doesn't modify the Wasteland Sniper mod.

Hothtrooper44 for his awesome mod.

Future Plans:
Coming soon

-Add Black "camo" version.
-Desaturate some textures so they blend better with the enviroment.
-Make the Desert Camo Hood and Suit color pallettes merge better.

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Some gunners were harmed during the testing phase of this mod. Flowers will be sent to their families.