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Another one bites the dust !!  :P

Yes  my  dear friends...i  have  struck  again...

This time  i  was  going  to  make  it  a  "quickie"...but  well...  you  know  me  better  than  that.

I took  this  p.o.s. that  should  have  been  MUCH  better  and  turned  into  something  "usable".

I  made  it " interesting"  and  much  more  fun  .

Im  not  going  to  tell  you  anything  more  cause  it  will  spoil  the  fun  of  "re-discovering" the  Red Rocket.

Some tech  stuff

It has power and water once  you  activate  the  hydroelectric gen and purifier  (this  obviously  when  you  actually  find  these  items..:P  )

Its  easy  and  ill  even  give  you  a pic   to  help... http://prntscr.com/ee7fpr

Go there and  then load this mod.
Make sure you save AWAY  from  this location  BEFORE  installing  this mod or   A LOT  of  things wont work .

Known  issues

Some frame loss  due to  heavy concentration of lights,objects etc. near the center .

A  small conflict  with  my sanctuary mod that  thankfully  only resets  a bit of terrain on  the  riverbed  (red Rocket side) .
Make sure this mod  is  ALL WAYS after the  Sanctuary mod in your load  order  or  you  will  have  big  terrain issues  in  red rocket.
Also it was brought to my attention that the mod "Regrowth"  causes  several issues .

far harbor  obviously 
MY  Sanctuary Lives Again  mod  because  issues  are  caused  in  a lot  of  cases  to  terrain  if  both mods arent  present .

Download This
So  if  you  want  to  use  this  and not have  a problem with  terrain in sanctuary  you  have  to  use  that  mod  as  well   or  you  can  try using  this  mod's  optional  version  that  has  some  terrain  fixes  in  sanctuary (havent  tested  it) .

Thats  it!!!


Again  i  only  did  basic  furnishing in the  general  areas  that  you  will  be  using  and  decorating.
I  did how ever do  a bit  in  your  new player home  over the gas station  cause  i  got  a little carried 

Now  go  and HAVE FUN!!!