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This mod adds some snappable modules of ladder to Structures > Miscellaneous category in the workshop menu.
- Basic ladder: snaps to floors, balconies and scaffolding floors.
- Ladder with brackets: snaps to walls.
- Retractable ladder: slides when activated and snaps to walls.

Player can use a ladder to go (teleport) to places usually unreachable (the roof of the ruined house in Jamaica Plain, the roof of Croup Manor, etc.).
Using a ladder will cause the game to fade-out and fade-in automatically.
NPCs can't use ladders, except active companions who will be teleport with Player.


1. Fallout4.esm
2. [Other esm files]
3. JaL.esp
1. Fallout4.esm

2. [Other esm files]
3. SettlementKeywords.esm
4. JaL.esp
5. JaL_SKE.esp
6. [Other patch files]

How to install

*Installing with NMM:
1. Add and activate the archives.
*Manual Installation:
1. Extract "JaL_xx.7z".
2. Put the main file in Fallout4/Data folder.
3. Enable the main file in your Fallout 4 Launcher.

How to uninstall

1. Remove JaL.esp manually or with NMM.

Known issues

- After using a precise rotation tool (like the one in Place Everywhere) on a ladder, grab and place again it at the same position to prevent malfunctioning.


2017/02/28. v. 1.0 patch for SKE released
2017/02/28. v. 1.0 released

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