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4 Sets Of Custom Concrete Walls That Do Not Replace Vanilla Assets, And Can Be Retextured.

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What This Mod Does

The mod adds 4 sets of custom concrete walls without touching the vanilla ones.
This will allow you to customize your builds and settlements without losing the vanilla assets.

You can also easily replace the placeholder textures I have use, with ones available one the nexus.


Wasteland Workshop DLC

How To Install
Use nexus mod manager, or place the files in the appropriate file directories manually

How To Replace The Textures after Installing

1) Find a texture you like on the nexus (Search Concrete) and download it manually.
   Unzip the file and find the .dds files as named below in blue and rename them as shown.
   change the # To the number that matches the wall texture you want to replace.

    #= Number

bldconcretewall01_d.DDS >>Rename To>> CustomConcreteWalls0#_d.DDS

bldconcretewall01_n.DDS >>Rename To>> CustomConcreteWalls0#_n.DDS

bldconcretewall01_s.DDS >>Rename To>> CustomConcreteWalls0#_s.DDS

Thes Are Not Always Use

DLC02ConcreteWalls02_d.DDS >>Rename To>> CustomMetalWalls0#_d.DDS

DLC02ConcreteWalls02_n.DDS >>Rename To>> CustomMetalWalls0#_n.DDS

DLC02ConcreteWalls02_s.DDS >>Rename To>> CustomMetalWalls0#_s.DDS

2) Place  the renamed files into the mod folder inside their matching numbered folders

Fallout 4\Data\textures\CustomConcreteWalls\ConcreteWalls0#  #= 1 2 3 or 4

Some mods may change the name of the files, sorry but I can not help with this.
But its should not be hard to figure out with a little effort what is what. :)

Current Status 1.1

Now has some floows

Please post screenshots