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An unfinished base framework similar to Factorio, or Technic Pack for minecraft that is open to any editing that modders may wish to pick up.

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I'm publishing this as a modder's resource because I started work on it months ago, and through working on this mod I've realized that I no longer enjoy Fallout 4 modding. It's become a struggle to work with the modding tools when not using paid resources like 3DS max, and Photoshop, and I no longer with to continue with my Fallout 4 modding Career. 

This mod is an unfinished base framework for a mod that was supposed to be like Factorio, or Technic pack for minecraft based ontop of Contraptions Workshop and the settlement system. In it's current form, we have automatic mining, woodcutting, powered generators that require fuel, solar panels and wind turbines, smithing (from unrefined ores got through the miner to dust to ingots) and a few other miscellaneous things. This mod is technically usable as a standalone mod but it is extremely buggy and unfinished, so it is not recommended. 

If you wish to contribute to this mod in a group, I have provided a group discord server that you can chat to others in, as well as a google doc with all the planned features Jeonos and I came up with. These can be found here: 

I have to make this clear though, you don't have to work with me, Jeonos, or anyone else to publish this mod. You can take the files and create something out of it yourself and publish it without crediting any of us, and if you can do that you've got more willpower than I do.

For any other info you might be wondering about, please refer to the below video. [/left]

- So what's next, mister Mike?
- This is it dudes, this is my last mod. I will not be releasing fallout 4 mods anymore. 

- But why?
- Please watch the video.