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Enhances the overall facial animations of the player and all NPC's. No scripts are involved, meaning no save bloat or unstable FPS.

Permissions and credits
Now on bethesda.net via the "Mirrors" section above.

Welcome to
Immersive Facial Animations REMADE - IFAR
Now with FOMM Installer thanks to "ZeroByDivide"

Please do not install this mod manually unless you know what to delete when you want to uninstall it!!!

What does it do?

This mod changes quite a few things. While wandering the wasteland, I always wonder why every NPC looks so plain and shallow all the time, there are no realistic facial animations to situations that happen in game, and even when there is, its not enough to make the player feel anything towards the character in a lot of places, this mod aims to change that.
There are three different versions of this mod available that do the same job, but on different levels which I will get into below.

IFA - Serious Version
This is the most serious version of the mod and is recommended for most players who want an immersive experience in game.

IFA - Super Cereal Version
I'm super cereal right now, like really super cereal. This super cereal version is in the middle of the serious version and the Excelsior version, so if you think the serious version is too serious or the Excelsior version is too over the top, choose this file.

I'm super cereal!

IFA  - Excelsior Version
This is the original silly, over the top, laugh out loud version. You know what to expect from this version considering your here, so be warned, it is not for the faint of heart. There is now no mouth clipping either, so go wild!

IFA - Excelsior - Legacy Version
This is the original, silly over the top mod before the REMADE version came out (the one most of the videos are based off). It is just like the Excelsior version, but DOES contain clipping of the mouth and other weird quirks. This version is shown in all the old videos below. (This version is now also in the installer!).

How to Install?

Use the mod manager of your choice (I would recommend Mod Organizer 2) and download the installer and choose what you want.

As said above, I highly advise against manually installing this mod as there are a ton of files that you would need to delete after.

Mod incompatibilities:

Any mod that modifies the default .tri files that this mod uses.

Load Order:

Loose files, so no load order.


Can I modify your mod / fix it / make my own version?


IMPORTANT: You do not have permission to use anything in this mod for commercial purposes.

Will my save be unusable after uninstalling this mod?

If there are bugs, post them in the bug section and I will try and help.

Original Version (Out of date):

Other videos moved to the video tab to reduce lag on the main mod page!