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Added: 12/11/2015 - 10:45AM
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Customize Your Own Difficulty!
Now works on all difficulties!
Compatible with NMM
Created with xEdit

By default, the damage you deal and the damage you take are multiplied by a certain value depending on what difficulty you are on. This mod allows you to customize how much damage you deal and how much damage you take, regardless of your difficulty. Other things affected by difficulty include legendary spawn rates, which you can customize with my Customize Legendary Spawning mod as well.

The damage you deal is adjusted as follows:
Very Easy: 2x default damage
Easy: 1.5x default damage
Normal: 1x default damage
Hard: 0.75x default damage
Very Hard: 0.5x default damage
Survival: 0.5x default damage

So say you shoot an enemy and deal 100 points of damage. On Very Easy the damage you have dealt is multiplied by 2, for a total of 200 points of damage. Playing on Hard, the same shot would only deal 75 points of damage. On Very Hard, the shot would only deal a measly 50 points of damage!

The reverse holds true for enemies. 

Very Easy: 0.5x damage received
Easy: 0.75x damage received
Normal: 1x damage received
Hard: 1.5x damage received
Very Hard: 2x damage received
Survival: 2x damage received

So taking the same example as above, you get shot for 100 points of damage. On Very Easy the damage you take is divided by 2, for a total of 50 points of damage. Playing on Hard, the same shot would only deal 150 points of damage. On Very Hard, the shot would deal a massive 200 points of damage!

Note for playing on Survival:

Survival damage is multiplied by:
HC_OutgoingDamageMult (1.5) * HPByPCTSV
HC_IncomingDamageMult (2) * HPToPCTSV

These are then processed by HC_DamageMultPerk, which is a hidden perk that scales an actor's incoming and outgoing damage based upon the above values. 

tl;dr: You will deal 150% more damage and take 200% more damage playing on survival than you would on other difficulties!

In other words, if you want to make the player and enemies do a total of 3x normal difficulty damage, you'd set player damage to 2x normal, and enemy damage to 1.5x normal.

Using the scripted FOMOD installer, you can select how much damage you want to deal and how much damage you want to take relative to normal difficulty. 

Note that damage across all difficulties will be uniform with this mod! This is by design. Installing, for 2xPlayerDamage.esp will result in you dealing 2x damage whether you play on Very Hard or Easy. 

The multipliers in the mod are relative to normal difficulty.