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Changes the effect of herbal medicine (Stimulant, Anodyne and Antimicrobial) to cure their respective diseases rather than only providing resistance.

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Herbal Remedies

If you're like me, you've probably found the herbal medicine found in survival to be not very useful or often go unused altogether.
This mod simply changes them from giving you a resistance to the disease to outright curing them, providing an early alternative to the catch-all antibiotics.

And that's it. Nothing else, just a small change to make an underused item a little more useful.

  • Herbal Anodyne cures insomnia and weakness
  • Herbal Antimicrobial cures infections and parasites
  • Herbal Stimulant cures fatigue and lethargy

Version 1.1

Still want the old vanilla disease resistance? I've included a few alternate options to choose from: 20% resistance chance (vanilla), 50% , or 100% (full immunity) for the duration of the effect.


Install via NMM or extract the desired .esp file into your Fallout4 data folder.