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Immersive realistic ammo crafting and breakdown at the Chem Station, or optionally at the AWKCR workbench - includes all DLC ammo types and a optional file which requires none of the DLCs, and provides support for WEAPON SMITH EXTENDED, LOADS OF AMMO, and (WIP) NEW CALIBERS.

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The purpose of this mod is to create an immersive ammo crafting workbench, to eliminate the unneeded crafting items from the AWKCR workbench, and to provide the user with one simple workbench for immersive ammo crafting. I noticed that many existing ammo crafting mods required silly perks/ingredients, did not modify the AWKCR workbench (forcing users to have multiple ammo workbenches that may not all function), or consisted of only one workbench, but retained all the nonsense items from AWKCR's ammo workbench crafting menu.  I made this mod to fix these issues and to provide users with a sleek, intuitive ammo crafting experience.

Whats Included:
  • Ammo from all DLC's
  • Immersive ingredient requirements to make ammo (see Ingredients section for details and justification)
  • Immersive ammo breakdown tested to ensure game economic stability (see ammo breakdown)
  • Immersive perk requirements to make ammo (regular ammo does not require a perk, but ammo that would require knowledge of chemistry or nuclear physics requires the science or nuclear physicist perk to create)
  • AWKCR ammo workbench has been modified; it no longer requires a perk to make and the extra, useless items present in the AWKCR workbench have been removed
  • This mod is script-less and can be added to your game at any time
  • As of version 3.0, there is now an optional file that edits the ammo factory form contraptions to be in line with P.A.C.

  • This mod is compatible with all mods out of the box (please note the WSE compatibility patch. For Horizons compatibility, just load P.A.C before Horizons. Thanks to Mk15dap3sLVLghnQfIzftlkNU4 for doing the research on this.)
  • Users who use additional ammo crafting mods that require gun powder and primers (which I have removed from the workbench) should use the WSE patch. The WSE patch is the same as the normal mod except that it adds gun powder and primers back to the workbench.
  • Compatible with Crafting Workbenches.  Crafting Workbenches is a mod that makes a duplicate ammo bench whereas this mod alters/fixes the existing one. If you want only one workbench, don't use the CW ammo add-on - just use my mod for ammo crafting.  
  • A compatible patch for Weapons Smith Extended is now available.  If you want to craft both the ammo from the Weapons Smith mod and mine, use this patch.
  • This mod supports Loads of Ammo by consolidating the ammo workbenches into one, renaming the ammo categories for better sorting and immersion, and allowing ammo creation from both our mods in one place.
  • Current work in progress: support for New Calibers.  There are currently no problems between New Calibers and my mod except that you cannot craft ammo from New Calibers at my workbench. 

Ammo Recipes and Justification:
Ammo Factory:

Ammo Crafting:

Ammo Breakdown and Justification:

Required Files/Install:

-No DLC Required Version 
  • For this version, only fallout 4 is required.

-Professional Ammo Crafting With Loads of Ammo Support  
  • Fallout 4
  • Autonoman
  • Far Harbor
  • Nuka World
  • Workshop 02 (Contraptions Workshop)
  • Workshop 03 (Vault Tech Workshop)
  • Loads of Ammo

-All Other Versions Require:
  • Fallout 4
  • Autonoman
  • Far Harbor
  • Nuka World
  • Workshop 02 (Contraptions Workshop)
  • Workshop 03 (Vault Tech Workshop)

-Download and use NMM.  There are now two versions of each type: one allows the user to break down ammo and the other only contains my updates to the AWKCR workbench (and does NOT allow the user to break down ammo).  Use only one version.

-For manual install, download and extract contents to your data folder in your fallout 4 Directory.

Known Issues:
*There are no issues with this mod.