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My 2nd Character Preset for Fallout 4

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I'm back with another character preset!
The people commenting on my last mod seemed to wanted a sloot!
So I decided I would not disappoint!

Guide to non Player Character Preset Usage:

You can actually use Showlooksmenu to override a companion with her. I was able to use it to
modify my Ellen follower and my Functional Displays mannequins (Which
have default Nora normally) Here is a bare bones guide.

Open Console
Target the NPC and get their RefID from the center of screen
type "showlooksmenu REFID" example: showlooksmenu 00079305 (That one is for Cait)
and it should allow you to modify them, including loading presets.

This works well with Tales
from the Commonwealth as it adds a few additional followers you could
use for this.

Link to Ellen, an amazing custom follower.

-CBBE (Must use Bodyslide on base Curvy w/ Morphs enabled)
-Immersive Mouth and teeth
-Looksmenu Customization Compedium
-Anime Eyes - Standalone
-Oni Asian Face Parts
-Oni CCBE Nude Curvy Dry re-texture
-Oni Face Re-texture
-Commonwealth Cuts