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BodySlide files for most of the outfits in The Mercenary - Pack by L0rd0fWar

I didn't touch the wastelander outfits as I didn't want to mess up the cloth physics.

Gear meshes on the Mercenary outfits have not been weighted due to heavy deformation.

Large breasted presets will tend to cause the outfits to clip in on themselves. This is simply due to them consisting of one mesh and my inability to edit meshes.

The B-90 armor gloves were out of control.  Now, they are gone... litterally gone.  In their place are craftable gloves at the Armorsmith Workbench under Gloves_The Mercenary - Pack, absolutely free of charge (no mats required).  All of these glove are taken from the ArmorAddon glove entries, very much along the same lines as Gloves of the Commonwealth.   I have released an AWKCR patch for gloves of the commonwealth which is listed in "My Other Mods" section at the bottom of the page.

There is also a Leveled List update to add the glove to the B-90 set lists.  Right now the gloves are male/female and will clip with the B-90 male mesh but I will put out an update addressing this to make the glove female only.  They will still spawn on male npc's but, as there will no longer be a male mesh assigned to them, they will no longer be visible on male npcs.

as of right now this is still a Work In Progress. READ THE STICKIES AND BUGS. When I update and resolve issues I will put it up in both the bugs and posts section as a sticky post.

Known Issues:
*Some outfit meshes may melt/become stretched after building (please keep a note of which outfit it is that you experience this and post a comment or reply to a corresponding bug report)(currently testing latest version to see if bug persists) Known outfits have been shown in Images tab
*Gloves on B-90 armor stretched out like bat-wings (solution imminent)(solved)
*building morphs (.tri) will cause the outfits to explode into the entirety of your 3rd person fov
*Left forearm of Rebel Gloves is missing (see updates), B-90 mesh clips through Mercenary gloves
*First person B-90 nifs clip through gloves

LooksMenu (not technically incompatible but building morphs will cause some/all outfits to explode making world unseeable in 3rd person) (further testing need)


Q: Can you fix...?

A:  Please read the description's list of known issues.  If they are known then I am already working diligently to fix it.  If it is not, go to the post section and look at the stickies.  Read some of the user posts, chances are someone has already encountered your issue.

Still not there??? Read the bugs section and reply to a corresponding bug report or make a new one if none have already been made.  Please be specific with your issue; make note of which armors are affected and how (screens are appreciated).

Future plans:
Add slider sets for the armor piece/accessories (Hopefully in next release)
Add Breast Physics to every single goddamn applicable piece of armor (and then I shall call it the Bountiful Bouncing Breasts Edition)
Add gloves to B-90 leveled lists
Learn to actually edit meshes ;P

The Mercenary - Pack Team for an awesome mod (Thirdstorm and Gambit77 have been especially helpful, without whom I would have been able to make this mod work)
Calliente for CBBE, Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
Bethesda for all of the games (TES and Fallout)

My Other Mods