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Has DeadPool2099's Grease Gun mod use the 9m ammo from his 9mm Pistol mod.

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A little bit of background for those that are unaware. These excellent mods by DeadPool2099, Grease Gun SMG and 9mm Pistol, add these two weapons from Fallout New Vegas into Fallout 4. However, the Grease Gun (known as the 9mm Submachine Gun back in New Vegas) uses .45 in his mod, while the 9mm Pistol had, well, 9mm ammo created for it.

As someone who remembered how it worked back in New Vegas, 1, and 2 (the latter had 9mm ammo as well, albeit 9mm balls for 1), I ended up creating this mod. It does two things:

1. The gun's name is now 'Grease Gun SMG'.

2. The Grease Gun now takes 9mm ammo, and uses the 9mm ammo leveled list. This means that when you move onto the Grease Gun from the pistol, the amount of ammo looted is no longer enough to fully supply one reload, thus also reinforcing Bethesda's idea that you should probably keep around guns of multiple ammo types.

3. Those who preferred the Grease Gun to use .45 aren't left high and dry. You can now craft and find variants of the Grease Gun that have .45 recievers, both Standard and Automatic.

The Grease Gun SMG and 9m Pistol mods are required masters for this file to work. Please install them first before installing this.