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Fallout 4 Launcher replacement with controller support, script extender support and option to skip launcher alltogether.

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ExpandedLauncher is launcher replacement for Fallout 4 which aims to bring controller support and script extender compatibilty. Even if you don't like launchers, what the original launcher doesn't allow is option to skip it. You can do that now! More features may come, maybe...

  • Backup original Fallout4Launcher.exe
  • Copy Fallout4Launcher.exe, SharpDX.dll and SharpDX.XInput.dll to game folder (E.g. \steamapps\common\Fallout 4\ )
  • Enjoy a launcher which doesn't break Steam Link and other streaming methods!
Skip launcher:
  • Add commandline argument "-NoLauncher"
Launch Script Extender with Steam:
  • Open Launcher, navigate to Settings menu. Check "Use Custom Executable File" and enter executable file name.
  • Default is set to f4se_loader.
  • Use Dpad to navigate the initial menu, A to accept menu item and B to exit settings menu.
  • Note: You can't navigate settings menu with controller

Full Source code available on github: https://github.com/FaithLV/FO4_ExpandedLauncher

Note: This was something I quickly created for myself, if there'll be any people interested in this, I might bring new features, but don't count on it.