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"Kill Someone get paid"
This Mod allows you to become a bounty hunter in the Commowealth by either going thru a small questline or by picking a bounty from the bounty board system which has diffrent types of well bouties so what are you waiting for "Become a Bounty Hunter today"

Permissions and credits
The Bounty Office Mod

Some Footage By Klone Wolf:

What it does?
It let's you kill people for money or other items.

New Location Outside The Diamond City Gate.
Small Quest line that pretty much show's off the idea.
The Bounty board a separate place to find more bounties.
Two Radio Stations Joe's Broadcast and Tales from the West.
An upgradable room that works like the old upgrading system in FNV.
And a not completely finished companion which, I'm not entirely sure if he's in this version (Most likely not) 

Things to keep in mind
This is not a finished Mod.
The Characters are not voiced.
I recommend playing with a New game.
There's are some thing's that might not work.
And you will need to have all the DLC for it to work.
This Is the continuation of my old mod called Joe's Bounties.
The file is big because of some audio tracks for the Tales from the West radio station.

Will you finish it?
I'm not sure, since it's hard to find time to work on it.

I wanna give a big thanks to the following people for allowing me to use their assets: