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Allows you to skip the long ride back to Nuka-World once you've already been there. Activating the controls gives you the option to fast travel to the arrival station OR select the normal long ride. Extremely simple mod. ESL-flagged to not use a load order slot.

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A: YES! But you can't fast travel in survival, and Bethesda makes you watch the whole train ride sequence back to Nuka-World every time :)

This is one of those little gameplay adjustments I've had on my list to make for some time for those of us doing >survival or no-fast-travel<.  I like to visit Nuka-World at random, and got tired of having to take the full monorail tram ride back EVERY SINGLE TIME, especially once you start doing quests that involve traveling back and forth.

Well, not any longer!  After your very first visit to Nuka-World, any returning trips from the Commonwealth will give you a prompt when activating the monorail controls, asking if you want to Travel to Nuka-World -OR- Travel to Nuka-World (Fast).

Selecting the Fast option will fade the game out and play the monorail departure/arrival sounds, and you'll fast travel to the tram station in Nuka-World.

This makes a very small addition to the short script that is attached to the monorail controls.  Normally it checks if the starter quest is running, and shows the messaging asking if you'd like to travel to Nuka-World.  In vanilla, once you travel, that message goes away and the full ride animation always plays.  I simply added an ELSE block to the quest check, and display my new message menu, with the line of code required to fast travel.  Source is included if you're cautious, but I assure you it's a very minor addition.

The normal train ride is not affected whatsoever.

v1.1 ESL-flagged to not use a load order slot.

TRANSLATORS: Please feel free to translate and upload this, no need to ask <3