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Changes the damage, range and accuracy values of automatics and splitter-type energy weapons.

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I always felt that automatic weapons and energy splitters were a bit lacking. However, simply buffing their damage values and not touching anything else would make them overpowered. This mod buffs most automatic weapons by removing the damage penalty attached to them. In return, their accuracy and range have been nerfed to reasonable levels.

Requires AWKCR, Far Harbor and Nuka-World DLCs

  • Beam Splitter and Amplified Splitter increases damage by 15%/30% up from 10%/15%
  • Plasma Splitter Barrel and Improved Splitter Barrel are now reasonably stronger than the sniper barrel but their range has been nerfed significantly.
  • All automatic receivers and barrels have had their damage penalty removed but their sighted accuracy and range adjusted to compensate for the DPS buff.
  • Submachine Gun base damage increased to 20.