Fallout 4
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Clone NPCs institute style and have the result work as a settler or basic follower. No DLC needed.

Permissions and credits
Abduction has been replaced with AbductionLite

AbductionLite was originally a personal mini-mod put together for a new playthrough that gradually grew with tweaks, fixes and some new functions so I decided to clean it up a bit and release it as a replacement. The reason for this decision is that Abduction was developed early in my modding "career" so it uses less-than-optimal methods to do what it does and the large amount of features makes it simply to big for me to sort out with the time I have available for modding nowadays.

Disclaimer - This mod comes with no guarantees or warranty regarding safety or function. Please make sure to read this description before deciding to use it and do not run it on that super important save you have no backups for or expect the mod to be uninstallable without problems either immediately or down the road. Spending a few minutes to test out the different functions to make sure it works with your load order before spending any time playing is highly recommended.

Differences from Abduction
No edits to NPCs required - Eliminating both the risk of conflicts as well as making almost anyone abductable
No DLC requirement - Works with any version
Abduction collar removed - Tied to above, replaced with non DLC asset - the "DNA sequencer"
Abduct and restrain perk actions removed - NPCs are now captured by having the DNA sequencer put in their inventory. Now any mod or way that makes it possible to access NPCs inventory like reverse pickpocketing or Knockout Framework can be used to capture with.
Knockdown spell removed - No longer needed. For those who still want to abduct NPCs in a state of vulnerability there's the "Simple Abduction" mode will allow instant cloning of sleeping, bleeding out, restrained or paralysed targets
Holotape menu removed - Added a MCM interface, the slow and clunky terminal interface is finally gone
Perk toggle - Hotkey support added making it easy to make the actions only show when needed minimizing conflicts with other perks and mods
Improved voice management - NPCs detected as settlement vendors, doctors or radiant quest targets will automatically be assigned a compatible voice. No more silent stare "conversations".
Improved maintenance - Now completely event and on demand driven making it near instantaneous and very resource friendly.
Custom outfit system reworked - Only one variant is now supported but it should now work better with weapons

If a function present in Abduction isn't mentioned above it's likely not included in this version, it's Lite after all.

MCM Menu Options
Simple Abduction - Enables instant abduction of vulnerable NPCs
Counts as residents - If abductees should count against population limit or not (not sure if this works)
Self-Sufficient - Abductees provide security, water and food for themselves
24 work - Work around the clock, no sleep (not sure if this works properly either)
Match resistances -  Abductees will match the resistances of the player no matter what they're wearing. Makes them more resistant if set to work as guards or followers.
Summon Unassigned - Summons everyone not assigned to a workshop to your position. Useful if you want to quickly get a fresh batch of clones to a new settlement.
Summon All - Summons everyone. 
Set Home - Allows you to assign a single NPC to a settlement after which everyone will be assigned to it too.
Force Maintenance - Triggers an update for everyone, useful to update any abductee in the area with the new outfit
Perk Toggle - Adds or removes the AbductionLite perk, when removed  ALL NPC INTERACTION IS DISABLED
Auto Hide Perk - Disables it when in combat to prevent accidental menu triggering or dismiss/recruiting of whatever NPC walks into your crosshair
Edit Outfit - When enabled everything you equip is registered in a list as a custom outfit. Unequip an item to remove it from it. When you're satisfied with the look disable this to "lock in the outfit".
Enable Outfit - When activated any NPC will equip the custom outfit. Make sure you've created one with the "Edit Outfit" first otherwise they'll be nude. Or don't if that's your thing.

NPC Menu Options
Inventory - Sprays the target in a shower of confetti and plays "God Save the Queen". No seriously, just opens their inventory.
Set home - Assigns the NPC to a new settlement
Maintenance - As above but for the individual NPC, useful if you want the target to equip a newly created outfit.
CloneCopy - Duplicate the current NPC into a new one
Unregister - Remove the NPC from the system
Eject from PA (Power Armor) - Only shown when relevant

General clone data
Levelled to the player
Infinite ammo keyword added (standard weapons only, no fatman etc)
No powerarmor damage keyword

How to use
Craft a DNA sequencer at any chem station
Sneak it into a NPCs inventory
Voilá, your very own clone!

Interacting with your clones
Most of what you abduct will use different voices than the ones supporting settlement and follower dialogue. In fact enemies will likely have none whatsoever since they're, well, not supposed to be talking friendly to you at all.
The functions normally used through dialogue - recruit, dismiss, inventory and so on are instead accessed through theAbductionLite perk When it's active there will be two extra options shown besides "TALK". "CONFIG" while looking and "RECRUIT" or "DISMISS" if aiming at them.

Can't add weapon ammo to outfits - Since it's not possible to equip ammo and trigger the Event necessary for the outfit system to detect it you have to hand this out manually. There's also a console workaround by using the console command "player.equipitem ammoIdHere" to forcibly equip and get it added Weapons should spawn with a few bullets which is all they need for infinite ammo to work.
Can't change the appearance - Due to the way clones work they'll always keep the appearance of the original. You can however edit the target before abduction (provided they support it) and that'll be passed on instead
Resurrected NPCs are stuck in one place - Death will often screw up their AI but it can be fixed by targeting them in console and type "resurrect 1"
Every NPC is named slave - Limitations in the  copy process, F4SE enabled renaming mods may be able to change it still. Haven't tried.
(Win10) Mod won't isn't loaded or don't work partially/at all - Try renaming the esp. Seems the word "abduction" is on some of Microsoft blacklist so it's blocked from loading properly
Unique NPC dialogue or services will in most cases not work - Most require quest and script tied uniquely to the original and cannot be copied
Mods alterning NPCs or the spawn system can break the cloning process - Symptoms might be NPCs going invisible, switching race, not working and so on. No fix, either stop using them or this mod
No vendor voice - It's applied the next time the NPC is loaded. You can force a maintenance either globally or on the NPC itself to set it if you're in a hurry to sell your mutfruits.