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Adds power armor from the OVA Gundam OVA 0080: War in a Pocket.

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December, Universal Century 0079: The One Year War is drawing to a close, elite Zeon special forces are dispatched to destroy the Federations secret weapon... The Gundam.

 Adds mobile suits from 0080 as playable power armor. They are Crafted at a chemistry station under Utilities.  

Suits Included:
Gundam Alex
GM Command/Cold Climate    - see note
Dom    -   see note

Just to make this clear, for the GM command and the Green Dom, you need to switch to the correct jumpsuit and then also apply the PAINT to the armor pieces.   Otherwise it will look odd.

Except for Kampfer, all of the suits are built a bit different from traditional power armor.....    

YOU WILL NEED to equip the specific vault suit before getting in for each suit for the gundam armor to appear.  (This was done to remove the bulk of FO4 power armor) 
Unfortunately this means that the suits don't really look good on display anymore.  Sorry.  See the video below for an example of how it works:

To get Alex's Gun Arm working:
I recommend the mod: Visible Weapons by registrator2000 to get Alex's gun armor working properly.

Set the Holster type to Permanent always and then link the holster to the Arm Closed piece and Link the Arm Open piece as the holster empty.

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