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Overhauled and much more user friendly. Includes 11 constructable Enclave themed settlement objects, five classic skill books to find, two new magazines, large heavily scripted player home, memory lounger with four unique simulation rooms to battle through, and four unique reward vaults which unlock at the completion of each sim room.

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Skillbook Guide:



This mod adds two little quests to obtain your home and start up the custom radio station "Remnant Radio". Also includes two Misc. quest to restore the bunker to full working order as it is infested and in ruins when you first discover it. Once restored, there is plenty of interactive features in each of the rooms so look carefully as you may miss some. Included in this mod is DogtoothCG's "Enclave Officer Uniform", along with plenty of custom textures and objects. The mod also includes XricsX's "X-01 Enclave Paint Job".  Bunker also includes all workstations that share storage and a vending terminal to buy supplies, as well as four  "simulation rooms" for you to train. Please refer to the features section for a more detailed look at what this bunker has to offer. 

While exploring the Commonwealth, be on the lookout for five classic Fallout 3 skill books, "Lying Congressional Style", "Big Book of Science", "Nikola Tesla and You", US Army: 30 Flamethrower Recipes" and "D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine". Also includes two new magazine skill books also from Fallout 3, "Chinese Special Ops Training Manual", and "Guns and Bullets". Refer to the images to refresh your memory on what they look like! In the "trophy room" of the presidential wing there is also a custom book shelf to store the five new skill books. The two new magazines can be stored in any magazine rack! Also be sure to complete all four Simulation Training missions in order to unlock the four unique reward Vaults which are now included in the Redux version. 

Also, once the bunker is restored, you will have the ability to construct 11 unique Enclave themed settlement objects. These 11 items are: three styles of Enclave barricades, an Enclave guard tower, two Enclave flags (one wall, one waving on a flag pole), an Enclave Radar Dish, Radio tuned to "Remnants Radio", Enclave bed, Enclave Crate, and an Enclave Checkpoint Sign. Refer to the images to see the items.

To start your Enclave adventure, look around the billboard at Vault 111.




-Working Decontamination Arches (Removes Rads)
-Display cases throughout the home with interactive buttons which describes what is on display
-Terminals with Enclave lore spread throughout the home

-Working water fountains (for survival players)
-Weight Bench (From Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, provides Strength Buff)
-Power Cycle 1000 (From Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, provides Endurance Buff)

Power Armor Depot:
-4X Power Armor workbenches (shares resources with all other workbenches)
-4X Heavy Weapons Displays
- Unique Armor, Weapons, PA Parts, and Ammo/Fusion Core Storage Containers

-Chemistry Workstation (shares resources with all other workbenches)
-RobCo AutoDoc Mark IX (Heals crippled limbs, Cures addictions)
-Surgery Chair (Change characters appearance). 
- Unique Medical Storage

-Tactical Map which will reveal all map markers (Just marks them on map, still need to discover them)

Player Bedroom Area (Presidential Wing)
-Mini Fridge will provide Ice Cold Buff for all Vim, Nuka Cola, and Beer beverages (after six in-game hours)
-Terminal to play holotapes and bed which provides Well-Rested and Lover's Embrace buff. (both items will display player's name)
-Plenty of pistol and rifle racks as well as two heavy weapons racks and a PA workbench.
-Working Fireplace and Shower (Toggle On/Off)
-Barber Chair (Change characters hair/facial hair)
- Safe to store valuables, and Clothing Storage.
-Four Armor Mannequins which can be switched between female and male genders.
-Working Espresso machine (requires purified water, produces custom drink: "Cup of Coffee")
-Once unpacked, Custom bed for Dogmeat, Custom Bobblehead stand, Nuka Cola display rack, 2X magazine racks, Custom Robot Model                            display rack, and a custom bookshelf for the new skill books. (boxes to unpack located in hallway outside of briefing room "see images")

Recreation Room:
-Recreation terminal to play holotapes
-Holotape storage
-Trash Can (Not safe to store items, will delete them in a few days)

Hangar Bay:
-Vertibird that will transport you near the Edge of the Glowing Sea (mainly for survivor players)

Mess Hall:
-Custom food storage in fridge
-Working water purifier, more water fountains, and another working Espresso machine
-Cooking workbench (shares resources with all other workbenches)
-Nuka Cola Dispenser (Requires Pre-War Money, provides Ice Cold variants of all Nuka Cola Beverages)

Weapons Depot:

-Custom Weapons, Custom Armor, and another Power Armor workbench (shares resources with all other workbenches)

Shooting Range:
-Vending Terminal (purchase weapons, mods, meds, clothing, and food items with caps)
-Simulation Room/Memory Lounger (choose between four sim rooms with the terminal)
-Working shooting range (toggle targets On/Off)
-Another ammo storage container. 

Reward Vaults:    
-Reward Vaults open as you complete each of the four simulation scenarios

Misc. Features:

-11 Custom Constructable Enclave Settlement Objects
-Enclave Paint re texture for the X-01 Power Armor
-Three custom Power Armors: Anchorage T-51, Westcoast Brotherhood T-51, and the General's X-01 PA.
-Five skill books: Lying Congressional Style, Big Book of Science, Nikola Tesla and You, D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine, and US Army: 30                         Flamethrower Recipes. from Fallout 3
-Two new skill magazines: Chinese Special Ops Training Manual and Guns and Bullets from Fallout 3.
-Re-Textured Enclave Scientist Outfit
- Re-textured Colonel Autumn's Overcoat



Cleaned with FO4Edit and bug free.
Requires: All Official DLC's
See Changelog when mod is updated.
The Redux Version changes pretty much everything, using a new game is the only way to truly ensure the mod will work as intended.

Installation Instructions:

(1): Download with NMM (Recommended)

 (2): Manually copy the esp and ba2 files into your "Data" folder.





                                                                Mod Conflicts:                     

-If you are using Power Armor Airdrop then you may experience issues. No other conflicts identified.


                                                                Future Updates:                    

-Mod-integration with America Rising (will have ability to garrison bunker with Enclave troops).



-This mod is now on Fallout 4 Nexus and Bethesda.Net. Under no circumstances do I give anyone permission to re-upload this mod or any of its files anywhere without my explicit permission. If you see this mod anywhere other than here or my Bethesda.Net account (Alex4949) it has been stolen, please report it.


                                             Recommended Mods:                    

-Subtle ENB - Immersive Wasteland Preset
-Enclave X-02 Power Armor by DogtoothCG and unoctium
Hellfire X-03 Power Armor by DogtoothCG and unoctium
-Wasteland Weather - After Nuclear War by CW by CorenseWolf



-The custom music is from Fallout 2, which the soundtrack is now officially classified as Public Domain , hence free of any copyright issues as well as abiding by Nexus policy.

-All custom assets (meshes, textures etc....) were either created by me, or someone else that I have got permission to use and credited in the "Special Thanks" section of this description page, as well as a link to the original authors profile and mod. (Thanks to everyone again!)

-Spoilers! but the Gary sound files used in this mod are actually cut Fallout 4 content and is included in the main game files.

                                                    Special Thanks To:                    

-Seddo4494, for his Youtube scripting Tutorials (and mods).
-RedRocketTV, for his helpful and amazing YouTube tutorials (and mods), as well as assisting me with the scripting for the Mini Fridge.
-XricsX, for the inspiration and help that drove me to learn the CK, and testing each version of the mod for me. As well as re-texturing the Officer Uniform to resemble the Enclave Uniform's from Fallout 3. Also, allowing modders to use his X-01 Re-texture: Standalone Enclave X-01 Power Armor Paintjob - Lore Fix
DogtoothCG and unoctium, for there amazing creations which sparked my interest in the modding community. 
DogtoothCG for allowing me to use his Enclave Officers Uniform
Elianora and GioMetal for every wonderful house mod she has created, and allowing me to use some assets from her Elianora's Fallout Junk Yard, as well as her custom bobblehead stand from her mod: Craftable Display Shelves, you are amazing Eli!
akalor, for allowing me to use/modify his Maxon's Battlecoat Retexture
-nickdb93, for the use of some of his resources from his amazing mod. Check it out for yourself! Enclave Oil Rig
-MadGodSheogorath, for the amazing player home Remnant Bunker Player Home, which inspired me to also have an Enclave soldier to bury.
-Andruxxich, for translating the mod to Russian.