About this mod

Competition Swimsuit from Skyrim converted to Fallout 4.

Permissions and credits
Competition Swimsuit from Skyrim converted to Fallout 4.
If you use Atomic Beauty, TheMilkDrinker has created a conversion for it. Available here.
AE & AWKCR can be crafted at the Armorsmith Workbench. AEC_cm_CO_Skimpy_Dresses_Recipe "OUTFITS - SKIMPY DRESSES
Vanilla version is crafted at the Chemlab. RecipeCompetitionSwimsuit "Competition Swimsuit"
Alternatively, you can obtain them through console - help swimsuit 0 -> player.equipitem / additem / placeatme
if you dont wanna add them individually-- place the trunk at your character, it's a vanilla suitcase & contains 5 of each swimsuit.
If you do not build the swimsuit to your own body preset, it will be fit for the default preset (cbbe zeroed sliders).

this mod would not be possible w/o ::
shimaneko & moriartykain
CBBE + BodySlide & Outfit Studio
Material Editor
Nexus Mod Manager

other mods shown ::
CBBE & BodySlide - Caliente + Ousnius
Vlara's (character shown) bodyslide preset, not releasing.
Seasons of the Abyss - Adyss
ENB Lights Overhaul - MaxG3D
Dave's Poses - davethedrunk + femshepping + trophiHunter
Streamlined Pip-Boy - Wast1980
Femshepping's Diamond City Edit - femshepping
(LL) CBBE Nails (FO4) V1.1 - Gamoholik
Valkyr Female Face - Fuse00
CBBE Ida Body Texture - Fuse00
Female Neck Tweaks - TheMalevolentTrout
PipBoy Camouflage Collection 4K - MrFisse
512 Standalone Hair Colors - Derpsdale
Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair - Aarwyn + ANiceOakTree
if i'm missing anything please let me know!

thanks to everyone for the love! whether screenshot or video, i admire all of it. <3
please be sure to show original author shimaneko some love via giving kudos or endorsing the original mod :3c