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A script that converts existing facial textures to work with the new HD Texture Pack DLC.

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HD DLC Face Bug Fix
Not To Be Uploaded Anywhere But Nexus Without Permission!

Version: 3 Alpha 1

Thanks to all of you that have been providing feedback  and helping me improve this script, its got a long way to go still but I'm glad that it has worked for so many of you.


This is a small script to fix face bugs after installing the FO4 HD Texture Pack DLC. This works different then other fixes as it doesn't replace any of your existing files, it up-scales them to work with the HD DLC, this means that you don't have to worry about losing your custom face textures or waiting for a patch from your favorite face mod author. Any mod that adds face details / tattoos / makeup etc should be compatible with this script.

Explanation of issue and the fix:
The HD DLC Upgrades some of the sizes of some facial textures from 512x to 1K and requires mod files to match that size, most don't however, this Script Resizes any loose facial related textures to ensure the proper size, whether you're using the HD DLC or just Vanilla!

In addition the script also ensures that all diffuse and normal maps related to faces are at the correct size.


        1. Extract BlackFace Fix_V2.3.7z anywhere on your system.
        2. Make a backup of: \Data\Textures\Actors\Character\ (this is a precaution, better safe then sorry!)
3. Extract the textures from the Extra Textures download to your data folder, say no to overwrite, this is to add extra textures that you don't already have loose that are 2K in the HD DLC.

        3. Run the script from Launcher.Bat
        3a. If you receive an error saying that the script cant find your fallout 4 install directory, then you probably haven't run your fallout launcher since the last time you updated, go and launch the game using the original launcher and try the script again after.
        4. Wait for the script to complete, when it completes it will just require you to press a key to close it, if you don't see "Press Any Key To Exit..." then its not done yet!

    Finishing up:
        5. Load the game, all done!
        5a. If you are having issues still, quick save, quit the game and restart it, load the new save to see if the issues persist.


Version 1.x Changes Moved to Changelog Page

Changes in Version 2:

-Script Totally Restructured and simplified, should now be faster and easier to read. Added additional Comments in the script file.
-Errors are now suppressed by default! Commenting out "$ErrorActionPreference" in the script will restore Error output
-Added a Debugging Block for those who like to poke around in scripts, set $DebugInfo  to "True" to get extra output.
-Changed the end of script message to make it easier to see that the script was finished.

Changes in Version 2.1:
-Slightly increased scope of the file finder script by changing it so it accepted files with head anywhere in the filename instead of just at the end.
-Fixed Specular maps not actually being scaled to 512x if the HD pack was not installed
-Fixed non 1k diffuse maps being converted to 1k in BC5 format instead of BC3/BC7

Changes in Version 2.2:

-Fixed a REGEX error preventing files ending in HEAD_ from being added to the processing lists.

Changes in Version 2.3:

-Added Support for Model Space Normal dds files
-Tweaked REGEX Matching to match files that start with head
-File Format Change: ALL Diffuse and Model Space Normal Files that are processed by the script will now be saved as BC7 in exhaustive compression mode, this will increase processing time for those file types but the increase in quality at the same file size is massive.
-Added dedicated Checks for files for Preston and Mayor McDonough, the files in their folders don't follow the regular naming convention so extra scripting was needed.
-Added additional progress indicators when the script is scanning for files to process!

Changes in V3 alpha:

-Large Overhaul of code for the texture processing, based off a seperate project im working on, much more flexible.
-Included a set of textures (seperate download) that are too big in the HD DLC, but that depending on what mods you use you might not have a loose copy of.

Note: Thanks to all of you who have been testing and bringing these bugs to my attention, I can't fix them if i don't know about them!

Known Issues with V3 Alpha:

-The script doesnt work if run as admin.

-Fix any additional issues with certain Characters, and unknown bugs. PM me about characters that aren't being fixed.
-Build massive custom folder of face changes to test script against.

Additional Notes:

    1. Disable DLCUltraHighResolution.esm in your load order and rename ALL associated .BA2 Files to anything else.
    2. Run the script again, if you did both things above it will detect you aren't using the HD pack anymore and convert everything to be vanilla friendly, i would recommend reinstalling your textures if you do this more then once as quality will degrade if you keep swapping between modes.

This Script makes use of TexConv.exe and TexDiag.exe from Microsoft's DirectXTex Library, their code and tools are released under the MIT License and available from their GitHub page at:


Credits: Microsoft for TexConv.exe and TexDiag.exe, Elianora for testing and 2 of the screenshots, Ousnius for testing and debugging.