Fallout 4
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Another road warrior outfit, but better.

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There was a Mad Max style outfit uploaded recently that hit the hot files, I was working on this outfit at the same time and it was uploaded while I was making this. The user who made that outfit had previously been banned, and that file was taken down. I decided I would finish my outfit and release it to all you good people. I realize this probably looks like I'm taking someone else's ideas, but I swear it isn't, I just wanted to do this outfit justice after I wasn't happy with my last version of it.


This outfit:

-requires Nuka World

-can be used by Male and Female characters

-is weave-able.

- can be found on an unfortunate drifter in a house down the street from the Red Rocket station.

-is NOT CBBE COMPATIBLE, I don't support mods I don't use

This outfit is unsurprisingly based on Max Rockatansky's outfit from The Road Warrior. It isn't 100% accurate to the movie, but I like how it looks and might update it in the future.

So grab your shotgun, bottle some water, and put on your best gritty Australian accent, because its time to exact your revenge on the gangs of the wasteland!

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