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If a school teacher and a robot can get married, why can't you? This mod allows you to marry the romanced companion of your choice at the All Faiths Chapel in Diamond City.

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This mod allows you to get married to a romanced companion at the All Faiths Chapel in Diamond City.


Marry your romanced companion
Purchasable Wedding Ring(s) at Diamond City Surplus

You'll also get:

  - Marriage Perk
  - Marriage Certificate
  - Dowry of Caps


If you download this mod and do a same sex wedding, there is an unvoiced file that says "I now pronounce you married" since "man and wife" was the only voiced line.

When you talk to Clements at the beginning of the ceremony, you have to face your companion to continue the dialogue/scene. I had to do it this way because otherwise the player was staring at the Pastor the entire time instead of looking at the person they were marrying! So if you're wondering why the dialogue isn't working, that's more than likely why.

You can't marry companions that aren't able to be romanced such as Strong, Nick, etc. I know, I know! Trust me, as a Deacon fangirl, I feel your pain.

You can't marry companions from other mods. However if a mod author would like to make a patch for this, you definitely have the permission! All the patch would need is a few lines of dialogue from the custom companion to say during the ceremony. I just can't do it myself because it would take a million years to cover every companion mod!


To get married, make sure your romanced companion is following you. Then simply check out the fancy new terminal inside the Chapel and sign up for a wedding. Then you can get married! You and your companion will share a few words, the Pastor will declare you married, and that's it! It's short, sweet, and to the point. You'll get a brand spanking new perk to go along with taking that next big step in your relationship, a marriage certificate celebrating the union, and a dowry of caps from the residents of Diamond City!

You can also get married multiple times if you want, or if you got cold feet and canceled the wedding. Your partner may yell at you for canceling but that's about it.


Nuka World is required to marry Gage. Otherwise, use the vanilla version.


It's probably not compatible with multiple follower mods (other than Dogmeat) unless you want to marry everyone at once! They'll also probably talk over each other, and it'll be really weird. But whatever floats your boat, I suppose.


Use NMM or extract the archive into your Fallout4/Data folder.


Use NMM or remove the files from your Fallout4/Data folder.


V3 - Nuka World DLC

Marry Gage from the Nuka World DLC!

V2 - Optional Files

- Uploaded an optional file that restores the voiced "man and wife" line for all marriages
- Uploaded an optional file without the marriage perk because some thought it was too OP
- Uploaded two optional files without the marriage perk / keeps or removes the unvoiced line for same sex marriages

V2 - Small Updates

- Fixed issue with perk being added every time if player has multiple weddings
- Added another ring to Diamond City Surplus to ensure you can buy two if you want them
- Changed the player's initial dialogue line from "I can't believe I'm actually to doing this" since it sounded unenthusiastic lol
- Added an unvoiced dialogue line for same sex marriages

V1 - Initial Release


Giant and neverending thanks to Pokepunch for helping my dumb self figure out the scripting on the Perk I created for this mod. Well technically I made it for a different mod but it works better here, I think. Anyway -- thank you times infinity!


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