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If a school teacher and a robot can get married, why can't you? This mod allows you to marry the romanced companion of your choice at the All Faiths Chapel in Diamond City.

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 About the Mod 

This mod allows you to get married to any romanceable companion at the All Faiths Chapel in Diamond City. With your romanced companion following you, simply head to Diamond City to register on the terminal inside the Chapel and then attend your wedding! You and your companion will share a few words, the Pastor will declare you married, and that's it! It's short, sweet, and to the point. You'll get a brand spanking new perk to go along with taking that next big step in your relationship, a marriage certificate celebrating the union, and a dowry of caps from the residents of Diamond City!

☢ Status ☢



Can I marry multiple companions?
Yes. Just as vanilla allows you to romance multiple companions, you can also marry multiple companions!

Can I marry non-romanceable companions like Nick Valentine, Deacon, etc?
No. You can only marry companions you've romanced.

Can I marry companions from a mod?
No. Not unless a patch is created. I will not be doing it myself, but other mod authors have permission to do so.

Can I change my mind about getting married?
Yes. You can cancel or postpone the wedding during the ceremony, and still get married later!  Your companion may yell at you, but that's about it. There is currently no divorce option afterwards, but this may be added in a future update!

Is there vanilla dialogue for same sex weddings?
No. But I added an unvoiced version to try to remedy this a bit. I would definitely splice together dialogue for it if I could (and yes, I know how to, so please stop offering to do it for me) but unfortunately there are no related lines available as he never says married, husband, etc;  only "man and wife". Which obviously works if I did "wife and wife", but not so much for "man and man"...

☢ Compatibility 

- Incompatible with multiple follower mods.


Nuka World is required to marry Gage. Otherwise use the vanilla version.


V3 - Nuka World DLC
V2 - Optional Files
V2 - Small Updates
V1 - Initial Release

PS4 version is unavailable due to Sony's mod limitations.

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