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Construct Stationary guards that have their weapons drawn!

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The Day has come.

No longer shall guards idly play that stupid guard post animation with their finger on the trigger of a non-existent gun. This mod let's you build guards from the workshop (For caps of course, no guard works for free after all). These guards have their weapon drawn, you know, like guards should. To construct the guards, you have to be a member of the faction you're attempting to construct. Railroad guards require you to be in the Railroad, etc. etc.

  • Let's you construct guards, of every main faction, for caps (more factions coming soon!)
  • They are categorized in the workshop menu under Defense > Guards > Faction
  • Guards will remain stationary with their weapon drawn until engaged in combat.
  • Guards will return to the spot they were constructed at if they are moved too far.
  • Guards count towards your settlement defense rating.

Currently available Factions:
  • Brotherhood of Steel - Complete the Quest "Call to Arms"
  • Minutemen - Complete the Quest "The First Step"
  • Institute - Complete the Quest "Institutionalized"
  • Railroad - Complete the Quest "Tradecraft"
  • Lyon's Pride - No Requirements
  • Atom Cats - Complete the Misc. Quest "Atom Cats"
  • Enclave - No Requirements

Known Issues:
  • Guards placed at a certain height may phase through the surface they are standing on upon loading into the cell.
  • Guard prices are listed wrong if you have more than 100k caps. This is an engine limitation, not anything I can fix.
  • Guards will sometimes rotate in position upon fast travel to the cell.

Future Stuff:
I intend on adding more factions as fast as I am able. A lot of factions exist in this game and it will take a significant amount of time to implement them.

Xbox One Version is now available!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I bet these questions aren't even frequently asked!
A: That's not a question, next.

Q: Will you be adding X faction or Y faction
A: I plan on adding every faction that I personally find relevant. Some small factions will be represented and some won't. Adding a faction, while not entirely difficult, is VERY time consuming and I do not plan on working on this mod so much so that I end up loathing it.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: I do read every suggestion, but I work on this mod as a hobby in my spare time and there is obviously not a gang of monkeys working on this at all times. It's just me.

Q: Will you be making an Xbox One version?
A: With the release of Version 1.1 I will be uploading this mod to bethesda.net for Xbox One users.

Q: How about PS4?
A: Unfortunately, due to the use of custom assets and scripts, I will not be able to upload a PS4 version at this time. Blame Sony.

Q: Are you a real life gamer grill
A: Yes I am a George Foreman Grill - Game of the Year Edition.

Installation is simple, just use whatever preferred mod manager you like and it'll do the work for you. Once in game, a script will inject the new guard menu.

1) Go to a Chemistry Station.
2) Go to the Utility Category.
3) Craft the "Uninstall CGuard" chem.
4) In your Pip-Boy, go to the aid section and USE the chem you just made.
5) You may now safely save your game and then delete the mod.

I will not respond to uninstallation problems, I literally cannot make a step-by-step guide any simpler than this.

If you somehow uninstall incorrectly. I will simply point you to DarthWayne's Menu fixer thingy

Thank You:
Seriously. I appreciate every download, every endorsement and every kind comment you guys send my way. Even if I don't respond, I do read every comment that is posted.

Recommended Mods:
Fallout Commander by MadGodSheogorath
Sandbag Fortifications by Nutulator

MadGodSheogorath - Without referencing his work in the CK, this mod would not be possible.
DarthWayne - For the custom menu installation/uninstallation scripts.
MikeMoore - For the Lyon's Pride Power Armor Paint