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  • Girly Animation Changelog

    Girly Animation v4.2.4.1 - Last touch on the walking animation, making version 4.2.3 really unnecessary.

    Girly Animation v4.2.4 - There are complaints that the walking seems like gliding. Increase leg bending and slight tuning of chest turning movement.

    Girly Animation v4.2.3 - Reduced the up down head movement while walking. Everything should be smooth now ...

    Girly Animation v4.2.2 - Redone the walk animation and made it similar to what I have done for "Skyrim". The BBP default body mesh removed to reduce issues with other body replacer mod. It is now a standalone optional mod if you need it.

    [BBP Default Body Mesh - The default body replacer with BBP was removed from main mod and exists as a separate optional mod.

    Girly A...

  • Using GA custom animations on custom weapons

    The followings explain the steps required to add  my custom weapon animations for pistol / one-handed melee animations / rifle relax poses  on any custom weapons.

    1) Run CK and open your custom weapon mod and select "MODGirlyAnimation.esp" as one of the plugins to load. 

    2)  Add the keyword "AnimsGripPistolMOD"  for pistol or "Anims1hmWeaponMOD" for one-handed melee weapn to your custom weapon and save your mod.

    Note: For rifle idle relax poses, 3 custom keywords, "AnimsGripRifleAssaultMOD", "AnimsGripRifleStraightMOD" and "AnimsHuntingRifleMOD". Add any one of them to the custom rifle mod that uses any of the default keyword. E.g. if the mod uses "AnimsGripRifleAssault", add "AnimsGripRifleAssaultMOD". Some other custom rifles that do not use any ...