Fallout 4
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About this mod

A large, multi-level player home inspired by old-school player home mods from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. It provides a comfortable, pre-decorated, move-in ready home with all the amenities and many scripted interactive features.

Permissions and credits
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Note: This is a player HOME, not a player SETTLEMENT. There is no settlement workshop and one will not be added so please don’t ask. Most items are static, but there are a several lootable items and containers throughout the house. All workbenches and cooking stations are linked.

This mod NOT being a settlement means you can't dismiss companions here or set up supply lines.

ALL Fallout 4 DLC are required. There will not be a non-DLC version.

Mod Release Trailer video:

The Goodneighbor Condo is a large player home inspired by old-school player home mods from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. It provides a comfortable, pre-decorated, move-in ready home with all the amenities and many scripted interactive features.

To gain ownership of the Condo, you must purchase the property deed from Daisy. The deed is found in the Misc. section of her inventory. This will add the key to your inventory and you’ll then be able to unlock the doors. A note on the Condo front door will give you more details. The purchase price will vary depending on your character’s Charisma and Barter skills.

The Goodneighbor Condo is located in Goodneighbor (obviously) on the main square opposite the Third Rail entrance.

The mod features:

- Custom design workbenches

- Contraptions DLC Power Armor displays have been converted to fully functional Power Armor stations

- All workbenches are linked to shared storage container

- Contraptions DLC Armor Displays: gender of mannequins can be changed via the terminals to match your character gender

- Several Contraptions DLC weapon display racks

- Custom Bobblehead shelf

- Lots of display racks for magazines

- Equipped with My First Infirmary and My First Laboratory units

- Two inventory sorting systems: one container-based, the other terminal based

- Terminal based vending system that sells a limited number of items at a premium price. You’re paying for convenience, baby!

- Clean water sources from the sinks and bathtub

- Mr. Purifier water purification unit: Changes all the Dirty Water in your inventory into Purified Water once in a 24-hour period

- Surgery chair and Barber chair

- Hydroponics Garden: Harvest mutfruit, glowing fungus or carrots and they will regrow in 48 hours

- The Beer Fridge: Insert any Nuka Cola, Vim or Gwinnett beer variant and it will be come Ice Cold with the associated buff in six hours

- Nuka World DLC beverage display rack (on top of the Beer Fridge)

- Interactive storage units: Ammo shelf, weapons storage, junk shelf chem shelf, and food shelf display clutter when items of each category are added Clutter will deactivate when container is emptied

- Trash Compactor unit that breaks all scrappable junk items into their base components and transfers them to the shared workbench storage.

- Functioning light switches in every room. All lights can also be turned on/off simultaneously via any terminal in the house

- Lights on each floor can also be controlled via terminals

- Unique Legendary weapon: the Triggerman's Friend

- Private entrance to the Third Rail located in the basement

- LOTS of storage! All containers are flagged to not respawn

- You can fast travel from the interior cell

- Beds give Well Rested Bonus

- Bed in Master Bedroom display’s player’s name

- Pin-up art by the great Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas and Al Moore (Two calendars and a desktop photo)

- Full day/night lighting cycle

- Fully navmeshed for companions

-  A bed for Dogmeat

- Fusion Core recharging station: recharges depleted Fusion Cores in 24 hours

- Custom Model Robot display shelf with model kit boxes that feature textures from my “Robot Model Kit Retextures and Collectible Boxes” mod 

- Full day/night lighting cycle

- Fully navmeshed for companions

Please look at the READ ME as it has all the information on the scripted features. Most questions can be answered there.


I make no bones about it: this is a big house mod with lots going on. Players with lower spec computers may encounter frame rate drops in areas with shadows and room fog, such as the basement. I’ve done my best to optimize the cell using room bounds and portals and have tested the mod on three computers of varying specs with a range of zero to 233 mods activated.

TESTING: Using an older 4th Gen i7 laptop with 24GB of RAM and a GTX860M with no ENB running, I was able to maintain a steady 60 fps in most areas with graphics settings set to medium and low, which is how I always used that computer to play FO4. FPS would sometimes drop to the mid 40s, but never below that. Your mileage may vary. Players with higher spec machines should have no issues.

Known/Potential issues:
The Armor Displays have a reputation of randomly not spawning the first time a player enters the cell they are in. This is a vanilla issue found in any mod that uses these items and is not exclusive to this one. I personally have never had this happen, but know other mods and users that have experienced it. If you encounter this issue (in any mod, not just this one) save your gave, quit to the desktop, relaunch the game and reload your save. That will fix it. Alternately, quit to the desktop, relaunch the game and reload a save prior to entering the cell and try again. 

Potential mod conflicts::
This mod WILL most likely conflict with any mod that modifies Goodneighbor and the area in front of the Third Rail in particular. I have not tested any since I don’t use them in my game. Some users have reported using the Better Goodneighbor by Mika999 with no noticeable issues. You're on your own for testing and determining compatibility. 
V1.4 regenerates the precombined meshes and previs data for the exterior Goodneighbor cells. If you use another mod that modifies Goodneighbor you WILL most likely encounter issues. Adjusting your load order with this mod and your other Goodneighbor mod(s) should help.

This mod adds a load door connected to the Condo basement in the Third Rail cell, so it may conflict with mods modifying that space. I have used this mod using the Better Third Rail mod to test compatibility with the door to the Condo basement and found no issues. I placed the door in a location that should not conflict with that mod. 

I didn’t test any other mods that make changes to the Third Rail. You’re on your own for that too. I suggest placing this mod below other Third Rail changing mods in your load order if you encounter issues. 

bLaCkShAd0w for the footlocker texture modder’s resource used for the custom footlockers

Chucksteel for the Know your ABCs modder’s resource used for some of the signage

bruce142 for the Animated Normal Toilet Modders Resource

AWARHERO for permission to use his Dogmeat bowl

Other notes:
1. There will not be a console version, so please do not ask.

2. This is a player HOME, not a player SETTLEMENT. There is no settlement workshop and one will not be added so please don’t ask.

3. Based on any texture replacements you have installed in your game, the appearance of items in the mod may vary from what is shown in the screenshots and promo video. I use many texture replacements in my game and videos, and none of them are included in this mod.


Do not redistribute or alter this work without explicit permission from the original author (RedRocketTV).This mod will not be uploaded to Bethesda.net or any other site. If you find it anywhere but on the Fallout 4 Nexus, it has been stolen. Please report it as such.

Commercial use strictly prohibited.