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By this Mod, you will be able to freely create followers.
The created follower does not conflict with the usual companion, you can take followers as many as you like.
The type of follower can be changed freely.(Almost all character types such as humans, animals, insects, and robots can be used.)

Permissions and credits
   By this Mod, you will be able to freely create followers.
 The created follower does not conflict with the usual companion, you can take followers as many as you like.
 The type of follower can be changed freely.(Almost all character types such as humans, animals, insects, and robots can be used.)
 Also, the follower's target isn't limited to players only. Any NPC can be followed by the follower if you can exchange items.
 For example, you can make it like a caravan guard by making it follow the provisioner.

  Place each file in the Data folder and activate "CreateFollowers.esm" and "CreateFollowersDLCAddon.esp".
  If there is no DLC, please exclude "CreateFollowersDLCAddon.esp".
  ("CreateFollowersDLCAddon.esp" requires Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka-World.
   If "CreateFollowersDLCAddon.esp" is enabled, DLC elements are added.)

How to use:
  "CF Beacon" and "CF Config Holotape" are added to the Chemistry Station utility category.
  When you create "CF Beacon", at the same time, a follower will appear near players.
  Index numbers are assigned to beacons and followers, and followers follow the owner of the corresponding beacon.
  (If a beacon is put in a container, the follower waits near the container.)
  You can exchange your items by approaching the follower and pressing the activate key.
  Setting can be done by pressing the reload key.
  (In interface mode A)
  Several functions can be used by using "CF Config Holotape". (Described later)

  <Basic function>
     - The created follower follows a owner of CF Beacon. If he encounter enemies, the follower will fight. 
       (Children and some animals run away without fighting)
     - The follower is a player's side regardless of the follow target.
     - The follower will not die.
     - The follower isn't companion. It can be used in conjunction with usual companion.
       And it does not affect companion related Perk.
     - The level of the follower is linked with the player.The follower's States may be different from when he emerges as an enemy.
     - The follower isn't settler, he can't work in settlement.
     - Beacon and follower's index number is attached to name. It will not be attached if it becomes 100 or more.
       (Even in the case of more than 100, the system maintain an index number internally.)

     [Show Follower Index Number]
       Displays the index number of the follower.

     [Change Follower Type]
       Change the type of follower. Humans and ghouls can choose a face from several patterns.
       Some type changes randomly in size and body shape each time it is created.

     [Change voice]
       It can be selected only when the type is human or ghoul.You can change the type of voice.
       Changing the voice will return to original when you change the follower type.

       You can change the follower's name.
       Changed name will return to original when you change the follower type.

     [Provide items]
       Weapons and armor can be supplied to followers.

     [Manage power armor]
       It can be selected only when the type is human or ghoul or synth gen2.Power armor can be attached / detached.
       If anyone are not riding on a power armor which created by this function and it isn't in workshop, power armor will vanish.

     [Wait here]
       The follower stops following and waits on the spot.

     [Resume follow]
       The follower exits the wait mode and resume following.

     [Hold a weapon when isn't in combat]
       The follower Holds a weapon when isn't in combat.

     [Hide a weapon when isn't in combat]
       The follower Hides a weapon when isn't in combat.(Default)

     [Target Marker ON]
       Turn on the quest target marker.You can confirm the Location by activating quest "Created Followers".

     [Target Marker OFF]
       Turn off the quest target marker.(Default)

     [Stop combat]
       The follower Stops the battle. Please use it when the follower hostiles against you by friendly fire.
       If the follower is attacked by an aggressive enemy, the follower will resume the battle as soon as it stops.

     [Reissue Beacon]
       Reissue CF Beacon corresponding to the follower. Please use it when you lose the beacon.
       If beacons which has same index number exist in the world, It will cause confusion.

     [Delete Follower]
       The follower is deleted. He and his Items will be lost forever. And his index number will be a missing number.
       Please only use it if you really need it.

  <CF Config Holotape>
     [Set Interface Mode]
       Interface mode A / mode B can be switched.
       Mode A: Display inventory with activate key, and display setting screen with reload key.(Default)
       Mode B: Display menu with activate key and select inventory / setting.

     [Set Default Follower Type]
       Set the initial follower type when CF Beacon is created. Default setting is synth gen1.

     [Call All Followers]
       This function calls followers to player's location.
       You can select "only player's followers" or "all followers".
       Please use it when the follower is missing.
       * Note: Collecting a large number of followers may adversely affect game performance. 

  - CF Beacon can be renamed and dismantled on Armor Workbench.
  - If you feel that CF Beacon in player's inventory is an obstacle, please dismantle it on Armor Workbench.
    In that case, the follower keeps following to player, but if you want to change the target to follow, you need to reissue CF Beacon.

  - Please don't sell CF Beacon to vendors. Even if you sell it to a vendor, the follower will not follow the vendor.
    The follower will go to vendor's hidden container's location.
  - After activating "CreateFollowersDLCAddon.esp", please don't deactivate "CreateFollowersDLCAddon.esp" only.
  - You can create unlimited followers, but too many followers will adversely affect game performance and may make the game unstable.
    Even if by any chance your data or your hardware gets broken, the author will not be responsible.

Known issues:
  - When the follower equipped with a power armor, it may get out immediately.
    Please change the time and place and try again when it happens.
  - When you supply items to followers, equipment will come off.
  - When you create a bloatfly, player say damage voice.
  - When synth gen1 equips any armors, the graphics will be strange.

Load order:
  There is no problem if it is below "fallout4.esm". Because "CreateFollowers.esm" is esm, it is forcibly above esp.
  Since This Mod does not overwrite existing elements, you don't have to worry about load order.

  There is a possibility of conflict with Mod which indiscriminately adds action by reload key to NPC.
  As far as I can tell, This Mod does not conflict with "QuickTrade". This Mod conflicts with "Get Out Of My Face (Push Away Companions and NPCs)".
  If there is a conflict, both this Mod and the Mod of the conflict will stop functioning.
  It is possible to avoid conflict by creating and using "CF Config Holotape" on Chemistry Station and setting it from [Set Interface Mode] to mode B.

  You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites.

  The author is not responsible for any disadvantage or damage caused by using this Mod.

Change log:
  Ver 1.10
  - Rename function Added.(Selection from the list.)
  - Player's followers can now sneak when player is sneaking.
  - Followers no longer affects the sneak meter.
  - Fixed an issue that Protectron's arm was not displayed.
  - Fixed an issue that could hack VR Sentry.(DLC Add-on)
  Note:If the change is not reflected properly, try changing the follower type once.

=== Japanese description ===

  ("CreateFollowersDLCAddon.esp"の使用にはAutomatron、Far Harbor、Nuka-Worldが必要です。













       クエストターゲットマーカーをONにします。クエスト"Created Followers"をアクティブにすることで位置を確認できます。












 私が知る限り、"QuickTrade"とは競合しません。"Get Out Of My Face (Push Away Companions and NPCs)"とは競合します。



   Ver 1.10
   ・VRセントリーをハッキングできた問題を修正しました。(DLC Add-on)