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This mod adds a bunch of new variants of army fatigues, army helmets, berets, gas masks, patrol caps and security armor to the game.

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Commonwealth Surplus
Now on Xbone, thanks to bhk42090 :

Non levelled list version is now also available on Xbone:

What does it do?

This mod adds a ton of variants of army fatigues, army helmets, berets (military caps), gas masks, patrol caps (MacCready's Hat) and security armor to the game. Every item is in at least one levelled list with varying degrees of rarity depending on the item and thus will spawn naturally throughout the game. The most common place to find these items is on Gunners. Some items may also be found in static respawning chests in the world.

Additionally, the Gas mask variants added are wearable with helmets unlike the vanilla versions and army fatigue variants are still able to accept ballistic weave. 

Alternatively, the 'Commonwealth Surplus - No LL' file forgoes levelled list integration in favour of a (respawning) trunk containing 10 of each item added. This trunk can be found amongst the vertibird wreckage west of USAF Satellite Station Olivia.


Copy the contents of the data folder provided to your Fallout 4 data folder. This is usually found in Program Files > Steam > Steamapps > Common > Fallout 4 > Data

If you've copied them correctly, your textures and materials folders should now have a 'Commonwealth Surplus' folder each, and the Commonwealth Surplus .esp should reside in your FO4 data folder.


Remove the 'Commonwealth Surplus' .esp from your data folder, then remove the 'Commonwealth Surplus' folders from Textures and Materials. 


There shouldn't be much out there that is entirely incompatible with this. However, since the standard version alters levelled lists and certain cells any other mod that alters these same lists / cells and is higher in your load order will overwrite the changes made to them in this mod. 

known Issues

- Some helmet textures may look a little janky at the back. How noticeable it is depends on the pattern. 

- Patrol caps may also look like complete crap. Again, it depends on the pattern. I tried to make do.

- The Gas Masks, while wearable with more headgear, may suffer from clipping in some instances as they weren't intended to be worn with other head items. 


Trainbike (Aka MMTB)

Tounushi, -Rusty-, SomerenV, Revski and TheObscure from Facepunch

bhk42090 for the levelled list xbone version