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A mash up of two vanilla armor(the vault suit and the road leather). Armorsmith Extended(and logically AWKCR) is required.

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Let me present you : The Vault Leather! A combination of two of my favorite outfits in the game, the iconic Vault 111 Jumpsuit and the rugged Road Leather. This armor don't clip with the armors pieces(at least i doesn't clip more than the Road Leather), is customable in the armor workbench, and can be created at the Armorsmith workbench in Vault Outfit categories so of course Armorsmith (and AWKCR) is required.Also it's a MALE ONLY armor i will maybe one day create a female version or if you want you can use the tutorials bellow to make it yourself.

The armor use the textures utilized by the Road Leather and the Vault Suit so any retexture of the two outfits will change the look of the Vault Leather. If you want your armor to look like my screen use the amazing Proto Vault Suit re-texture by nitronizer and the enb used in the screens is a modified version of the Rambo ENB.

This mod wouldn't be possible without two amazing tutorial : Femshepping's Outfit Studio Mashup Tutorial For Beginners and Elianora's How to make armour mods

Since this is my fist "real mod" some issues could occur in that case don't be afraid to report them to me and i will try at the best of my capacity to fix that. Also the left hand "pip boy part" look a little bit strange, it's not that noticeable and fixing it is too much trouble...