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A 100% all new Texture overhaul

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Update 0.2

Changed rock texture color and fixed normal map
Fixed various other normal maps
Added new riverbed silt wet and dry textures
Added new quarry textures
Added new hedgerow plant texture

This update is small I am sorry but I have been focused on another mod
If I get a chance to take screenshots of the new textures I will post them here.

Antique Aura is a texture overhaul that is specifically Designed for Xcinema and is a Work In Progress BUT will work with any preset or even Vanilla
It currently features 42 texture replacements from landscape and debris to metal and wooden shacks.
These textures are hand made and NOT recolors
Some textures are 8k some are  4k some are 2k and include 2k normals and 2k spec the distribution of texture size is based on what is needed 
For example some ground textures are 2k and some are 4k the large rocks and elm tree are 8k
Although 42 textures have been replaced there are not 42 unique textures
some are cloned for the pre-war and some are decals that are used differently in the game and the elm tree is only one texture but has 3 variations for leaf color.

All textures and images are copyright by me Densaleagion 2017

Because this is designed for Xcinema all screenshots are shown using Xcinema. The textures will look slightly different on other presets.
Because this is also a work in progress do not expect updates for awhile as these take time and I will not release an update until I have more than a handful of textures to update. 
I also do not take requests.

You can get Xcinema HERE