About this mod

Adds a modern villa situated on a cliff near the seaside. Fabulous views guaranteed. Comes with all workstations and a workbench, just if you feel a need to add something yourself.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a modern villa situated on a cliff near the seaside with fabulous views from its big balcony up front.
Inside, you will find a lot of decorations, all of the workbenches and some interactive items, like the surgery mirror that allows you to change your appearance.
The villa has a full day night cycle, with weather effects, if there is a radstorm raging outside, you'll see light flashing through the windows.
Both the inside and outside are NavMeshed and companion friendly.
The villa has its own map marker, it's right on the north-east edge of the map.

Requires Nuka World DLC, Far Harbor DLC and the Workshop Contraptions and Wasteland Workshop DLC.