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  1. maccaturo
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    in the ini file: "Flags (Add together the ones you want)" for example:
    uFlags=4,8,32 (with the "," for separate) is it correct or not?
    sorry for my bad english.
    1. lightsourced
      • premium
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      I'm also wondering this, because I used commas to separate them out, just spaces, and then also tried just putting all the numbers all together and it didn't work... what is the correct syntax?

      What I have tested and had not work --
      uFlags=1, 2, 32
      uFlags=1 2 32

      If I do just uFlags=32 then it works, but I don't know how to combine different options :(
  2. J3tAc3
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    This clashes with LooksMenu and is incompatible with it. I really liked this mod, but oh well.
  3. PolarBroOmega
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    Only issue I currently have is just being able to see healthbars while in the pipboy; it just feels a bit weird, not sure that you can even do anything about it, but regardless it's a gripe
  4. echigo99
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    is there a way to edit how far you see enemies? it kinda bothers me when I can see health bars from far away... I would love to see the health bar when they are in a certain range of me or when I'm pointing at a certain enemy..not all at once, I also would love to have a setting to disable it for friendlies (companions). BTW it's still an awesome mod none the less...just the problem with not being able to edit my face.
    • member
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    looking at these images brings comfort and joy to my heart as i think to myself, "this is what fallout should be,to know that im gonna install it myself makes me feel like im a game dev" like honestly, if you mix this with an enb and some 4k weapons, now thats a game. i can only thank you for this incredible mod.
  6. deleted61530576
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    awesome mod. thank you very much Expired6978 .
  7. Higher1
    • member
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    Please update with enemy level too
  8. CourirNorte
    • member
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    will this mod conflict with companion hud or hudframework?
  9. ImmortalAbsol
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    Would you consider a version that makes the awareness perk a requirement if at all possible?
  10. GGGaming
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    Rip, Update time again lol