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About this mod

Shows colored health meters for allies, enemies, non-hostile, and romanced characters.

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Requires F4SE for Game Version 1.8.7 or greater

What does it do?
Adds floating healthbars in the world (Not really, just an illusion) to any Actor engaged in combat.

How does it work?
The F4SE plugin injects an additional layer into the HUD and registers a special HUD component internally for this layer. The layer is updated on a per frame-basis and converts the Actor's head position to Screen position and is scaled accordingly by depth (Quest markers follow the same concept). The bars also make a line-of-sight (also invisibility) check to ensure you can actually see the Actor to see the healthbar.

How do I change the bar colors?
This can be done in the text file "Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\hudextension.ini". Leaving the color as "-1" will use the default color (Either your HUD color, or the enemy red color)

Can I change which bars I see?
Yes, you can choose whether you only see teammates, enemies, non-hostile, or lovers in any combination. See Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\hudextension.ini for more defaults.

Modder Notes
If you're a modder there is an internal API that allows you to colorize bars based on an ActorValue. You can set which particular ActorValue the plugin should check within the ini file. This means that you can script the color of the bar the Actor should use when engaged in combat, instead of using the fixed colors provided by the ini.

How do I uninstall it?
Remove the files included in the archive:
  • Data\Interface\HUDExtension.swf
  • Data\F4SE\Plugins\hudextension.ini
  • Data\F4SE\Plugins\hudextension.dll

Known Issues
  • Nameplates of Actors in combat will disappear if you load a save game where you are currently already engaged in combat
  • You may occasionally see healthbars cut off underneath certain components e.g. If you enter a Power Armor and an NPC speaks showing Subtitles, and one of the nameplates happens to be close enough such that it would appear underneath the subtitle, you may see part of the bar cut off
  • Nameplates don't appear in all HUD scenarios (Such as scope zoomed)