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Adds a USP handgun to the Commonwealth, complete with custom animations, models, textures, sounds, and tactical and dry reloads.

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Not a lot of fanfare needed for this one. This is a USP that I brought to the Commonwealth on a whim, complete with custom animations, for personal use, that I decided I should share with you guys. You all wanna use it right? Exactly. That being said, it isn't the most in-depth weapon mod in the world, though I attribute that somewhat to my view on weapon mods. To me, you defeat the purpose of using a weapon if the mods allow you to turn it into something unrecognizable. Hence, the lack of crazy red dots and paint jobs and crap.

At the end of the day, it's an HK USP. If you like USPs, you'll like this mod. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I may add a flash hider and a flashlight to this mod, may not, depends how much time I have. I have a few, bigger projects I would like to finish and put out soon. Feel free to point out bugs, I'll try must best to address them.

The USP can be bought off the gun merchant in Diamond City, and there's a test copy in the Concord museum. See the video for the actual spot. I don't know how to do leveled lists, I've tried and failed several times, if someone wants to do that and send me the edited esp, that would be great.

The animations are standalone for the USP, so they will not conflict with any Deliverer animation replacer sets you may have installed.

This will probably come to Xbox One when the bugs are ironed out.


Download the zip either manually or through NMM. Then install as you would any other mod (put the contents of the zip in your Data folder). Then make sure to enable USP Mod.esp, USP_Animation.esp, and Reload Sounds.esp (and if you have used any of my other mods and it asks to replace Reload Sounds.esp, say yes. This esp contains the sound records for most the animations I have ever made. Though, if you are paranoid, just rename your old esp, and install this one as well).



Standard, Threaded, Compensator




10mm Reciever
.45 Receiver


Comfort Grip
Textured Grip


Standard Magazine
Weighted Magazine

Ammo Type:

Full Metal Jacket
Hollow Point
Armor Piercing


Q. I hate x about this mod!
A. Okay, well, sorry you feel that way, feel free to post feedback in the comments. I do read ALL of them. Or just complain about my animations. Fine with me.

Q. Why doesn't a fast equip play?
A. In order for the animation sets to switch as seamlessly as possible, I had to include a fast equip that was just 1 frame of the idle position. Sorry.

Q. Why does the gun still auto reload before it switches to the slide being back?
A. Because Papyrus is slow. Again, nothing I could have done about this. It's really not that big a deal.

Q. Can I use these animations for my pistol mod?
A. Sure, all of the animations included here are modder's resource. Credit is nice, but not necessary.

Credit: Thank you to Kimono, Syncing, Crash, and Millenia for the models and textures. BIG Thank you to Ajhakra, who is the sole reason that the dry reload script works at all, I really appreciate it man. Credit also goes to Kinggath, who created the bullet counting framework used in this mod. Thank you to Partizan Executioner and MultiBears for hooking me up with excellent sounds as well.