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Fallout 4 suffers from an immense lack of replay-ability for several reasons and The Cheat Bunker is here to help augment your subsequent experiences. Eventually, we all use mods that are implicitly cheats to either work around bugs or just for fun and The Cheat Bunker aims to do both!

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Cheating. You shouldn't do it. If you're on your first play-through, that is. We didn't. But Fallout 4 suffers from an immense lack of replay-ability for several reasons and The Cheat Bunker is here to help augment your subsequent experiences. Eventually, we all use mods that are implicitly cheats to either work around bugs or just for fun and The Cheat Bunker aims to do both!

All files have been cleaned with FO4Edit. Change logs for each file are provided as articles on this mod. If you're interested in seeing how The Cheat Bunker and the DLC packages make use of Inject-Tec, Dynamic Terminal, Vault 111 Exit Detector, Holotape Retainer, or Loggout, the loose files with the script sources have been provided as miscellaneous files.

As of v1.7.0, The Cheat Bunker requires AWKCR and all form edits are VIS-compatible.  The AiO release is best used with the all-DLC versions of both these resources since The Cheat Bunker's DLC packages will be made to require / be compatible with the DLC-specific plugins from both these resources.  Once these changes are made, it is very likely the AiO package will become the preferred route rather than the Base package and individual DLC packages because development will almost certainly slow from that point on.  The AiO's full uninstall / reinstall for upgrade cycles will be much less of an issue when upgrades occur far less frequently.

These dependency / compatibility changes were driven by the realization that none of us is doing ourselves any favors by not using UI mods which depend on these resources.  I strongly recommend that all users get their hands on DEF_UI on top of AWKCR / VIS as well as any other enhancements which make use of DEF_UI since they are nothing short of game-changing.

  • Holotape which replicates nearly all of the terminals in the bunker
  • Endless supply of each non-unique clothing, armor, weapon, and mod item
  • Custom armors and weapons with legendary effects exclusive to the Cheat Bunker
  • Fast travel features which let you teleport anywhere on the current map similar to the Institute's teleporter as well as execute a snapback teleportation (see manual for details)
  • Companion controls including the ability to acquire their perks, repair damaged relationships, track their location, and move them to the player. Tracking and actor movement behaviors available for Dogment. Compatible with Everyone's Best Friend by valdacil
  • Character progression options including the ability to add levels and perk points, auto-progress insufferable quests, maximize SPECIAL stats, and acquire an exclusive perk called “Player Knowledge” which slightly boosts your XP gains and scales with your Intelligence
  • Spawn any suit of Power Armor the Bunker knows about as well as that suit's mods
  • A package system that supports DLC additions and could be used to import any content related to other mods or even game overhauls


Master Plugin and DLC Packages
This is the recommended course of action since the individual packages are updated more quickly than the All-in-One.  Additionally, the All-in-One suffers from a very particular problem (which I detail below.)  DLC Packages for The Cheat Bunker (Change Log) are available for these expansions:

All-in-One Plugin
The All-in-One plugin contains the base package and all DLC packages.  It is maintained more slowly (see details below) and upgrading it requires performing an uninstallation (via the diagnostics terminal) and then reinstalling entirely. Apologies, but this is out of my control since the underlying cause is an artifact of the merge process. If this is unacceptable, I strongly urge against using the The Cheat Bunker: All-in-One.

Included packages:
  • The Cheat Bunker v1.9.0
  • Automatron Package v1.4.0
  • Wasteland Workshop Package v1.1.0
  • Far Harbor Package v1.4.0
  • Contraptions Package v1.3.0
  • Vault-Tec Package v1.3.0
  • Nuka-World Package v1.4.0

The Cheat Bunker All-in-One (AiO) plugin is a combination of The Cheat Bunker and all DLC packages for those wishing to keep their load order cleaner and smaller. Use either the original Cheat Bunker and the DLC plugins or the AiO only. Do not mix the two. If you wish to convert to the AiO package (which I do not recommend absent a compelling reason,) do a proper uninstallation using the Diagnostics options found in the Manual terminal, leave the bunker, and then do the standard save, remove mods, new save, install new mod, etc. cycle.

The AiO is a derivative work of all the plugins which were merged to create it and the subsequent cleanup work required to make sure it contained no harmful artifacts from the merge process. This has produced an interesting combination of effects which don't concern the end user but will greatly concern mod authors interested in creating packages for the Cheat Bunker. These details are available on The Cheat Bunker's Nexus page where I will entertain any questions arising from them. Because of the large amount of post-production work, updates are only possible after I finish testing updates to the source plugins. This means the update cycle will be slower than for the individual mods included in the AiO plugin.

Because of the complex interactions between The Cheat Bunker and the DLC packages, this AiO derivative would not have been possible without the utility Merge Plugins by matortheeternal.


The Cheat Bunker was designed with the intention that third party packages could be written for it in order to respond to things like huge armor or clothing packs as well as things like game overhauls. The DLC packages, for example, take advantage of this feature. Because this package system is a cornerstone of The Cheat Bunker, the AiO package has remained a master file and it has retained the name “CheatBunker.esm” to remain forward-compatible.

The merge process has produced a couple of minor oddities, one of which worries me. Despite a cleanup attempt (which I'm actually very happy with,) there are still some CK errors upon loading the plugin related to the Far Harbor and Nuka-World worldspaces which I have not been able to sort out. The underlying cause of these warnings does not appear to have manifested in any way – let alone a harmful one – which affects the game environment.

The other issue with the merge – which is something I have no control over whatsoever – is that records in the DLC packages may be renumbered to avoid collisions inside the output plugin file. Note that this likely does not affect the records in the original Cheat Bunker master file.  I expect third-party packages to be compatible with both the Cheat Bunker and the AiO, but I cannot guarantee such and mod authors should be aware of this should they choose to develop packages for the Cheat Bunker.

Compatibility Patches

The Sanctuary
This is a patch intended to make The Cheat Bunker (both the regular and All-in-One versions) compatible with The Sanctuary by cip3000. It both moves and raises the trap door to The Cheat Bunker outside Vault 111 to avoid colliding with the static boxes and the slightly higher vault platform.


My Mods:
The Cheat Bunker
Power Armor Enhancements
Move That Armor Frame
IWFPR and NGFA Compatibility Patch
Working Fridges
The Mighty Sniper Rifle of Get the Fudge Down

My Papyrus Libraries:
Dynamic Terminal
Vault 111 Exit Detector
Holotape Retainer
Recipe Container