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Makes wooden doors breakable with a custom explosion and debris effect.

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[NEW]: An Xbone version can be found here.


*A big thank you to everyone making video reviews of this mod!


Those pesky-half rotten wooden doors are no longer made out of adamantium and can now be shattered like the soggy toilet paper that they should behave like!

This mod adds destruction data to all of the wooden doors in the game, as well as the wooden shutters used in windows a few places.

I did not touch the "load doors" for obvious reasons - it only works on 2-state open/close doors.

All types of damage will work on them, such as physical hits, standard ballistic, energy, explosives, etc.


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Potential/Known Issues:

- This will inevitably affect any doors placed in your settlements that use the same base object for their doors. There's no easy way for me to fix this, so to compensate I've set the door's health fairly high (500).

This would ONLY apply to mods that add these doors into settlement build lists!

*Also keep in mind that NPCs won't actually TRY to break the doors, though (even if a door was in their way they wouldn't shoot at it), so the odds of anyone but you breaking your settlement doors are pretty low excepting random bullet spraying or large explosions near them.

In some places destroying a closed door can lead to a portaling bug in which the area behind the door does not visible render until you walk through the doorframe. This is a temporary bug, though - either saving and reloading or leaving the area and returning will fix it. Nothing much I can do to fix this, as it's just one of the many ways the game was tweaked for optimization (no reason to render something the player cannot see). Either ignore the issue or only destroy open doors.



 Where did you get this idea from?
A: My idiot companions kept closing a door in my face by accident because we were both trying to activate it at once. This happened like 5 times in a row before I went "AHHHHHHH", unloaded my entire clip into the stupid door, then thought of this mod idea.

Q: Will this work with X mod's wooden doors?
A: So long as the mod uses the base game's wooden doors, then yes it will work with any mod.

Q: Will this mod work with other mods that edit how locked doors work, such as Locky Bastard or Locksmith?
A: Yes, my mod will be 100% compatible with any mod that edits doors so long as they do not edit the base objects. Both Locky Bastard and Locksmith only attach scripts to the doors indirectly, and this also means that if say X mod moves a specific door to somewhere else in a cell then my mod would still work perfectly on the door.

Q: Will this work on locked doors. Or barred/chained doors?
A: Yeah it should work on locked, chained, or barred doors without any problems. The only thing is that you'll still have to activate the chains or bars after you blow up the door. After that you should be good to go (although the chains and bars will probably respawn when the cell does even though the door does not - not much I can do about that I'm afraid).

Q: Will you add other types of doors?
A: I was toying with the idea of adding metal doors, restricting their breaking to energy damage (melting) or explosives, so we'll see. No promises, though.

Q: Will you make patches for the doors for all of the DLCs?
A: There is already a version for the ones added in Far Harbor, but no other DLC adds new doors of the type that this mod covers. This means that if DLCs like Nuka World or Automaton used any wooden doors, then they just used the base game's versions and thus this mod will work fine with those without needing any patches. This is also true for any mod that uses the same doors.

Q: What's that weapon you're using?
A: It's from one of my mods - Electrostatic Rifle.

Q: What Power Armor is that?
A: It's from NAVI - Brand New Power Armor, although I've made quite a few personal edits to the meshes and textures.

Q: What is X retexture you are using from?
A: I honestly have no idea at this point where various textures I am using originated from. I kinda just tend to pile them on and replace various parts I don't like with others until I have what I want.

Q: Will the doors respawn when the cell does?
A: No, and there's nothing I can really do about that. The "respawn" flag does not work on them, probably simply because Bethesda did not include DOOR references in the list of objects that are reset when a cell is.


If you guys like this mod, you may want to check out Bubba Shot the Jukebox. Again., as it was what I used to reverse engineer how to add the destructible data to various things. Go check it out!


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