WH-Mk.22 Heavy Machinegun REDUX by Skibadaa
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3rd Person Reload Animations Showcase


The WH-Mk.22 Heavy Machinegun REDUX

So after a much longer than expected development cycle Its finally here! The new and improved Mk.22 is everything the original was and MORE. New meshes, new textures, scripted LList integration, hell it even has a working animated ammo belt!

And not content to have just one gun, this mod actually has 2! Not only do you get the Mk.22, but you also win its little brother: The Mk.19 "Shrike"!

Rather than have the Mk22 with multiple calibers I decided to take the 5mm part and make it into a separate weapon, like with the IF-54 Beowulf, but better. 

Also we will have the distinct pleasure of custom 3rd person reload animations courtesy of the man himself, the myth, the legend; Steampunk755! 

Mk.22 Mods include:

6 Barrels, 4 Muzzles, 4 recievers, 3 Sights, 5 Ammo types, 6 Materials, 2 Ballistic shield attachments and 2 Magazines.

The Mk.19 has all the above mods AND 4 extra recievers chambered in 308.

Also of note is a special ammo type: High explosive rounds! This is not the legendary from the base game, but a new ammo type with custom explosion FX created by me solely for this mod, obviously perk requirements for this are high, but OMGSOWORTHIT!!

As of v1.1 there is also a craftable turret version of the Mk22! So now you can have some heavy firepower to defend your settlements. Also an enemy varient of the turret has been added to the tripod turret spawn lists so now there is a small chance you will encounter a 50cal turret in the wastes, prepare to get wrecked ;D

Concerning Consoles:

The Xbox version will be up shortly.

The Xbox version is now available on Bethesda.net


1. Make sure that your game is set up to play mods.

2. Download the main file.

3. Install with your mod manager of choice OR extract the contents of the archive to your 
    Fallout 4 "Data" Directory.

4. Activate "Skibs-WHMk22Redux.esp", it can go anywhere in your load order. 

5. Start the game.

6. Smoke some fools.

The weapons have a chance to spawn on all minigun drops from level 20 onwards, though its a VERY low chance as these weapons are super hench. They are most likely to spawn in a shop, and the Mk19 is way more common than the Mk22. You can be certain to find them on high level Supermutants and BOS. If you must have one immediately though you can spawn one via console.

To do this first open the console and type:

help wh-mk 4 weap

This will show you the item code for the Mk22 and the Mk19. Once you have the code then type:

player.additem xxxxxxxx 1

Where xxxxxxxx is the 8 digit item code.


Bethesda for Fallout 4 and the CK.

Steampunk755 for his awsome animations

Millenia for his 3dsMax tutorials.

AutoDesk for 3dsMax.

The Nifskope team for Nifskope.

The xEdit team for F4Edit.

Me, for making the mod.

You, for downloading it.

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