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When a player equips an item that uses OMODs, that you want to target for a new effect, the new effect is added to it. No compatibility patches, no "Removed / Added" spam. Works even if multiple base objects in inventory. Weapon is re-equipped. Quickslot favorite assignment is preserved. Legendary OMODs are preserved. Script fires once per

Permissions and credits
This is the Quest script source code from Perforation.

  • When a player equips an item you want to target for a new effect, the new effect is added to it. 
  • No compatibility patches for any new weapons, current or future.
  • All actions are SILENT: no "Removed / Added" spam.
  • Works even if multiple base objects in inventory. 
  • Each one, when equipped, will be processed in turn.
  • Processed weapons will be in their own stack.
  • Weapon is re-equipped. 
  • Quickslot favorite assignment is preserved. 
  • Legendary OMODs are preserved. 
  • Script fires once per weapon, per game.
  • It's just an OMOD so I suppose you could also use this for armor, etc.

I believe this solves the most annoying issues from custom mods, switchable ammo types, etc.
Anything that requires a custom attach point should work with this method.

The code is extensively commented and debug.traced all over. If you have Perforation, uncomment the import debug line and compile this source, overwriting the .pex that comes with it (and turn on script logging). Mentioning that for completeness, it's likely that 97.2% of anyone reading this already knows that.


All source code was by me and is released freely under the GPLv3. Go nuts.
Huge thanks to Reddit user tim-timman for showing me that you can swap a mod in, attach something to it, then remove the original and the second one remains. Unfortunately, this would overwrite any existing Legendary effect; and anything later added to the slot you used (like Craftable Legendaries) would then remove my OMOD. That was fun to solve... but the original shell-game method he showed me started me down the right path (as opposed to my previous wild flailing).

Massive credit also goes to Wenderer for his FOMOD Creation Tool.
This thing is awesome and saves a TON of time getting stuff packed up.
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