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Classic 80s Style USMC Camo
Army Multicam Camo
----Now fully standalone, uninstall previous versions (USMC Camo 7 and below) before upgrading to v8!

Permissions and credits
8.1 minor update to adjust Army Multicam Fatigue colors

Version 8 requires a complete uninstall of previous versions (USMC Military Fatigues) before upgrading. 

As of version 8, only the fatigues and helmets are included. Uninstallation of previous versions is required to remove old and outdated textures from overwriting the default outfits (no more skeletons or raiders wearing the modern camo patterns). The main file of this version will include all of the previous styles (Classic and MARPAT) as well as the US Army Multicam patterns.

Each fatigue now also comes in 2 variants:
1.) A blank fatigue without any emblems or insignias 
2.) Fatigues with rank, "Dweller" name tapes, and appropriate branch name tape (USMC or US Army)

The items can be found in a duffel bag outside of Sanctuary, near the statue looking thing on the left, just after crossing the bridge. (Please refer to the photos if you cannot find the duffel bag.)

Version 8 also fixes old pattern inconsistencies, such as horizontal camo on the chest but vertical patterns on the legs.

Many people have made requests for adding custom names, or why I chose to add "Dweller" name tapes. Simply put, there's no feasible way to allow one to add personal names without making a custom texture every time. With that being said, the Fallout 4 character is a "Vault Dweller." Thus, the pseudo last name of "Dweller" was derived from this. Hopefully this explanation will help your immersion. ;)