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Rick's portal gun. any rick and morty fans here?!?!?

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since i uploaded a new file for this and made it not working or invisible, ive set the main file to what it was before when noone was complaining. if anyone is still having the problem, i will look into it more deeper


there is a few more things to do before it's complete. i won't be focused on this mod though. but it is really fun

type help portal 0
then spawn it in your inventory

sadly this won't travel you in-between universes.
it just basically a alien blaster re-skin
__i will try my best to make it work, i added more todo's

-apply glow to lights and inside the green part[Done]
-get rid of THAT HANDLE OMFG HOW .-. [Done! was fixed by Chr1s0g
-make craftable
-remodel [make the green part a glass] 
hard ones...
-make a portal when fired
-fast travel menu when walk into portal

meshes and textures 100% by me but Rick and Morty tm  is not my property.
want more rick and morty content?

so far. see you around 
wubba lubba dub dub!