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Added: 21/01/2017 - 10:14PM
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Last updated at 17:17, 2 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 22:14, 21 Jan 2017

Proper Flyers and Posters

This mod retextures the flyers and posters located on buildings and note boards. It replaces them with the following variety...

  • Missing People Post-its

  • Propaganda

  • Advertisements

  • Pinups

Available in 4K and 2K.

The Result

By default the game mixes and matches these flyers and posters so you frequently see different combinations of them. It'll also mix in some of the advertisments from other game files.


I've extensively tested both 4k and 2k variants and have not noticed any decrease in performance. If you have a 4gb card I'd recommend the 4k DXT1 version first, then 2k. Anything under 4gb should use the 2k version only.   


Unzip and drop into the "Data" folder----> Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/Data

Known Issues

  • Why are some of the posters/flyers on their side or upside down?

For the same reason as listed in the above result section, it's just the game mixing them up. I did try to put the posters/flyers in the orientation they are most frequently found in. I also reason that after 200 years some of the posters/flyers might've lost a few of their supports.

  • Why do I occasionally find some posters/flyers flickering?

This is an vanilla bug and no fault of the mod.