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Another preset to add to my latin wasteland chicks

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"The young chick"


Added a new face to the mix, "La Jovencita" ("The young chick").  Keeping to my preferred style in that I wanted a beautiful yet weathered tough chick,  I wanted a very young face, a young person waking up to find herself 200 years old and
 in a wasteland with everyone she ever knew gone.  I wanted her to have an expression of  of pain and uncertainty, and beautiful ;)
Anyway I hope you like :D

This preset will require the following mods:

The eyes however are True Eyes by JimTown Irish.  He has since removed them so I recommend The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam as an alternative

1- First and foremost make sure your game is properly set up to use mods, Gophers is the best video tutorial so check that out if you need to FALLOUT 4 - Enabling Modding for PC

2- Download and install Looksmenu and True Eyes via NMM and then the preset

3 - Start a new game OR, if you want to add it to your existing character, just head on over to Diamond City and see the Doc for a facelift, it will be under presets :)